Can You Grow An Artichoke Plant From An Artichoke

Can You Grow An Artichoke Plant From An Artichoke? All You Need to Know!

Learning how to grow artichokes is extremely beneficial. A top concern when gardening this plant is can you grow an artichoke plant from an artichoke cutting?

There are a lot of weird plant foods that we don’t even know exist. One of these is artichoke. This strange and yet beneficial plant is a perfect addition to your dietary plans.

Although artichokes are considered as vegetables its a type of thistle with numerous health benefits including better digestion, lowering blood sugar levels, improved liver and heart health.

Artichokes are basically giant thistles that can be eaten. You eat the inner fleshy part while cutting out the tough outer portion. It tastes tender, soft, and delicious. This vegetable is long known from the history of Marilyn Monroe when she was crowned as Artichoke Queen in 1948. Even before that, it was brought long ago in Spain in 77AD. 

So now comes the main question, How to grow this plant, and can you grow an artichoke plant from an artichoke itself? Let’s find out the answer in this article.

Can You Grow An Artichoke Plant From An Artichoke?

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You all must know that artichokes can be grown from their seeds, but can you grow an artichoke plant from an Artichoke cutting? Yes, you definitely can. Both the methods of planting the seeds and rooting the artichoke cutting are used worldwide.

However, growing artichoke from its cutting is used in areas where the plant is grown in the form of perennials. In places where artichokes are winter hardy, planting them from seed can also be utilized to build perennial beds. 

When artichoke plants mature, they start sending offshoots that can be cut later for a new artichoke plantation. But, first, let the offshoot reach the height of eight inches, or it will be premature, resulting in damage to the new plant. 

The artichokes generally become mature during the winter or fall. So, these are the ideal time to cut out the offshoot. 

You can use a sharp knife or spade to cut the offshoot from the mature artichoke, preferably at one go. While you cut the offshoot, take special care not to cut the roots of either plant. To avoid this, you can use your spade to dig a circle around the bud and then start pushing soil around the mature plant. 

Before planting the offshoot, look for fertile, alluvial soil for proper growth. Plant the artichoke in an open space as it may need room to grow. If you want to cultivate perennial plants, at least maintain a distance of 6 feet.

When the lowest bract on the bud is finally opened, you can harvest the artichokes. You can harvest artichokes twice a year if you live in a warmer climate. 

Are Artichokes Easy To Grow?

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It would be wrong if we say it is a complete autonomous vegetable plant like eggplants, bok choy, Mexican tarragon, etc., but once you are used to its maintenance, it is very easy to grow. 

  • They are sensitive to cold temperatures. So, while you grow artichokes in your garden, you must keep a temperature check. 
  • Secondly, it needs a lot of water for proper growth. So, you will need to keep track of the watering session and will have to do it regularly. 
  • Artichokes are heavy feeders. They need proper fertilizers for good yield. In case if you are growing them twice a year, you must keep the soil changing, as it may lose fertility with time. 

Therefore, they are not tough to grow but are a bit hands-on compared to other vegetables. So, if you are a beginner but are confident about its maintaining schedule, you can plant artichokes without any second thought!

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Before planting artichokes, all the conditions and techniques you should consider are discussed above. So, now, it’s your turn to decide on can you grow an artichoke plant from an artichoke

We advise you to only go for it if you are planting perennials around. Or else, seeds are also not a bad choice. So, harvest your artichokes whenever possible and enjoy their delightful taste with your family and friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Plant Artichokes From The Grocery Store? 

Yes, you can plant artichokes from grocery stores. But, only the Jerusalem artichokes can propagate this way. But you will be surprised to know that Jerusalem artichokes can grow like a weed with proper maintenance and care. 

How Do You Start An Artichoke Plant?

If you consider a seed to grow your artichoke plant, start in February in a greenhouse chamber under proper fluorescent light. Also, use a deep pot as artichokes are known to be a deep-rooted plant. While planting the seed, make sure to plant about 1/4th inch deep in more than a 4-inch container. 

Do Artichokes Plants Regrow?

Harvest of artichokes occurs in mid-June. If you live in a moderate climate region, the artichokes will continue growing under the soil throughout the winters and come out with the onset of spring. You can finally transplant the artichokes in the garden after the frost season is over. 

Harvest continues into mid-June. In the mid-range zones of the country, artichokes live through winter under the soil and begin new growth once the ground begins to warm in the spring. Annual artichokes can be transplanted into the garden after the last frost.

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