Flowers Native To France (4 Popular Picks Suitable For Your Garden)

Flowers Native To France

France is known for many things, including the iconic Eiffel Tower, the world’s most aromatic perfumes, and Paris’s city of love. Furthermore, France produces lovely native flowers.  France is a country known for its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, and is also home to many native flowers that are sure to add a touch of … Read more

How Long Does Aloe Vera Take To Grow? Tricks to Fasten Aloe Growth!

How Long Does Aloe Vera Take To Grow

Aloe Vera can grow up to 24 inches tall, with new plants ready to harvest and replant in just a few weeks or months after planting them. How long does Aloe Vera take to grow is a crucial consideration before incorporating this attractive succulent into your plant collection. This hardy, tolerant and low-maintenance plant is … Read more

How Fast Do Snake Plants Grow? 4 Important Factors

Do Snake Plants Need Drainage

Snake plants, also called mother-in-law’s tongues, are easy-to-care-for and give any space a nice, bright feel. They belong to the succulent family, which means they’re hardy, resilient, and drought-tolerant. They’re also known to be slow growers, which makes them great for beginners. Still, many wonder, ‘How fast do snake plants grow?’ The short answer is … Read more

How Big Do Succulents Get? 4 Important Factors

How Big Do Succulents Get

Succulents are known for their small, compact size. Yet, people often wonder: how big do succulents get? The short answer is between six inches and two feet tall, on average. Yet, it mainly depends on the species and the plant’s growing environment. Aside from the type of succulent, other factors that determine its size include … Read more

Hen and Chick Plant Dying! – 3 Main Causes & Solutions

Hen and Chick Plant Dying

The hen and chick plant is scientifically termed Sempervivum, which translates to ‘forever alive.’ Despite what this succulent’s name may suggest, you may still face a hen and chick plant dying. Your plant may be dying from too much humidity or overwatering. It is important for you to monitor your plant’s condition to ensure it … Read more

Underwatered Pothos (3 Top Signs & Solutions)

Underwatered Pothos

Pothos are gorgeous plants that require very little care to thrive, with water being one of their few requirements. Although crucial for their survival, water can also be their downfall. Underwatering is one of the few problems that may face such plants. So, if you think your pothos might be underwatered, you should take action … Read more

Overwatered Pothos (Signs & Solutions)

shutterstock 2093783095

Usually, it’s underwatering that causes the plants to wither. Ironically, feeding your precious pothos too much water can lead to death, and dealing with an overwatered pothos is no easy feat. Overwatering can cause serious damage to your pothos plant. Signs of overwatering include yellowing leaves, mushy stems, and the presence of fungus gnats. If … Read more

Can You Transplant Hydroponic Plants To Soil? 4 Easy Steps

Can You Transplant Hydroponic Plants To Soil

Hydroponic gardening is much easier than pot plantation and is a recent trend. But Can you transplant hydroponic plants to soil?  Well, to answer it simply, even if this might sound harsh to you, hydroponic plants can die if you transfer them from water to soil, depending on your technique of doing it.  It is … Read more

When are Habaneros Ready to Pick? 6 Telltale Signs

When are Habaneros Ready to Pick

Unlike their milder counterparts, habaneros take longer to get ripe and lose their green color. This always leaves the gardeners who grow these chilies wondering, when are habaneros ready to pick? Of course, like most other fruits, there are wide varieties of habanero chilies. These may have slight variations in growth and ripening time. Additionally, … Read more