Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer? Main Reasons & How to Eradicate Bugs

As the name suggests, water bugs are primarily found in streams, ponds, marshes, and they most likely tend to thrive in humid and warm environments. However, they find their way to any building or house to seek refuge in the hot summer days. 

The water bugs love a damp, cool, moistened, and shady area to build up their nest. And if they find such a suitable environment in your house, then your house is their next final destination. Although there are few existing ways to get rid of them, most people are unaware of them.

Hence, to help you understand why do water bugs come out in the summer, we have thrown some limelight below. So stay till the end.

Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer?

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As mentioned earlier, water bugs congregate water sources. This annoying creature water bug likes summer weather more than the winter season. The hot, dark area is the best suited for them.

As water bugs can not live in the cold weather, they stay hidden, hibernating in winter—And go outside in the summer environment to search for food and water.  

Although they prefer summer over winter, they face difficulty living in a soared temperature. The extreme temperature in the summer season dries up their natural habitat. And this is the prime reason they leave the scorching temperature in the summer and find a cooler and moist place for them to reside.

To escape the dried-up natural habitat, they find their way in buildings and houses that provide an appropriate environment for them to live in. 

If anyone sees water bugs in the house, this signifies that the house has a damp, moistened, dark, and cool place for the water bugs to build a nest. Well, the water bugs are a matter of concern.

However, you can remove them by cleaning up the house, keeping all the places dry, sealing up the places they may enter, and sprinkling chemical sprays. 

Where Do Water Bugs Nest Inside The Home?

Water bugs favor cool, dark, and damp places to build their nest. Therefore, they live and set up their nest inside the walls, cupboards, and other unlit places. Water bugs can enter through gaps between windows, doors, pipes and reside in houses or warehouses.

Besides, they dig for the cracks in the floors and walls to enter the building. The damp area of your kitchen and bathroom can be a suitable place for them to live. However, water bugs prefer nighttime to come out for food and water.

How Can Water Bugs Enter The House?

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According to the Canadian Journal of Zoology, water bugs grow and live in freshwater ponds. Hence, the blocked gutter, marshes, a swimming pool can draw the attention of water bugs towards the house.

However, the best answer to why water bugs come out in the summer is they can not stand the scorching heat and try to find a damp, cool, moistened place.

As they love a dark, moist environment, they will indeed find ways to come inside the house if there is a suitable condition for them to thrive. Besides these, leftover foods or any uncleaned place is another reason for entering the house.

Are Water Bugs Harmful To Humans?

The water bugs are scary animals as they can hunt and eat the prey, even if more significant than the water bug. They release fluid to paralyze their prey. However, they do not harm humans unless humans harm them.

Fortunately, they can not paralyze humans with the fluid but can cause an allergic reaction to them. Although, water bug bite is easy to treat. 

What Should Be The Steps In Case Water Bugs Enter The House?

As water bugs select a dark, damp, cool place to thrive, repairing any leakages of pipes or keeping the floors dry can ensure an inappropriate environment for water bugs to live.

Additionally, a sprinkling of boric acid or baking soda can keep the bugs away from the house. Besides, spraying chemicals can kill water bugs. Therefore, it is better to keep all of these things ready, and keeping the room clean is the best step to take. 

What Are The Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Water Bugs?

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To get rid of water bugs, one must keep the house clean and remove garbage regularly. Additionally, cleaning the stored water in the tubs outside the house is essential.

Besides, do spray peppermint oil with added vinegar 2 days a week. And last but not least, spray chemicals pesticides regularly and fix leaky pipes to get rid of them. 

To sum up, water bugs stay hidden in the winter season only to come out in the summer. If you wonder why water bugs come out in the summer, the answer is their natural habitat dries up at high temperatures, which is why they move into some cool and damp place.

As they prefer the summer season, it is always better to take precautions before entering the house. If you happen to stay in an area settled with water bugs, you certainly do not want them to enter the house.

That is why you need to take the necessary steps to avoid building nests inside your home. However, you can search for where water bugs come from during summer and why? as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kills Water Bugs Instantly?

As water bugs are harmful to your home, people want to know how to get rid of them. Killing water bugs requires having a good idea about their hiding place. Having access to their hiding places will save them a lot of time. And for killing them instantly, it is better to use chemicals pesticides.

First, mix them well with water and then spray them in the hidden places of water bugs. However, do not forget to read the instructions before using them. To reduce water bugs, one can also use PT P.I. spray, diatomaceous earth powder duster, Gentrol IGR, and Advion gel bait. 

Why Do I Have Water Bugs All Of A Sudden?

Water bugs prefer damp, moist, and dirty areas, so if you are not cleaning your home enough, you will probably see water bugs in the home. Hence, to get rid of them, you need to seal up things in your home so that they can enter.

Besides, you need to clean the trash bin regularly to avoid them coming into the house. As water bugs love damp surroundings, try to leakages and dry your sink.

Additionally, keeping your home clean and tidy will reduce the chance of water bugs entering the house. Lastly, lawn maintenance is needed to avoid water bugs and use chemical traps to catch water bugs. 

Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer?

Yes, the water bugs come out in the summer, and the most suitable reply to doing water bugs comes out in the summer?. Streams ponds usually dry up in summers, so they tend to enter residential spaces. Water bugs love moistened environments, and they prefer humidity over anything.

Water bugs can not live in a cold environment, staying hidden in winter. Besides, summer is best suited for them to live. Hence, they come out in summer and prefer hot weather to live. However, they have problems living in high temperatures, so they find moistened places to stay. 

Is a water bug the same as a cockroach?

Although the water bug looks like a cockroach, the two are separate insects. First and foremost, the water bug isn’t part of the roach family. Also, water bugs live most of their lives in water and rarely scavenge like roaches.


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