Spider Mites on Jade Plant

Spider Mites on Jade Plant – 6 Telltale Signs & How to Remove Them

Jade plants are resistant to bug infestation. They adapt well to a wide range of grooming conditions, making them suitable houseplants for anyone. However, when they become infested with bugs, the results can be devastating.

One telltale sign of spider mites on a jade plant is the presence of small, web-like structures on the plant’s leaves and stems, which the mites use for shelter and protection.

This is especially true for spider mites on jade plants, which are so tiny that they escape the gardener’s notice until they have caused damage to the jade plant.

It is easy to get rid of spider mites on jade plants, and this article will show you how. Yet, it is pretty impossible to see the spider mites when there are few on your jade plant. This is the tricky part of removing the spider mites on jade plants.

Common Signs that there are Spider Mites on Jade Plants

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Timing is everything when you need to save your jade plant from the destructive spider mites. And with the right tips, you can catch an infestation early and deal with it promptly. The following signs alert of an ongoing spider mite infestation on your jade plant:

  • Discoloration of the jade leaves, which usually turn yellow and gray
  • Drooping or wilting of the jade plant
  • Silky webbing on the outline of leaves or the space between two leaves
  • Tiny spider-like webbing around the soil and roots of jade plant
  • Stunting of plant and falling of leaves
  • White spots that appear on leaves and stems of jade plant

When you spot any of these signs, you must act promptly to save your jade plant from further spider mite infestation.

Pro-tip: Spider mites can spread rapidly throughout your garden and infect other plants. They can also spread by hitch-hiking on your clothes and garden tools. So, dealing with them promptly keeps other plants safe.

Factors that Influence the Infestation of Spider Mites on Jade Plant

Jade plants are not easy victims of pest infestation but can fall prey to spider mite infestation for the following reasons:

  • Unsterile Potting Soil: This is the most common route of spider mite infestation on jade plants. When the potting soil contains spider mite eggs, it infects the young jade plant. This causes stunting of the jade plant and rotting of its leaves. 
  • Neighboring Plants Infested with Spider Mites: Spider mites are tiny and lightweight. This makes it easy for the wind to carry them through short distances from infected plants to susceptible jade plants.
  • Fomites: Your clothes and equipment can serve as transport for the ferrying of spider mites to your jade plants. This accounts for the introduction of these bugs into a pest-free garden. Your pets can also carry spider mites on their fur, especially if they play in bushes or forest areas.

How to Rid Your Garden of Spider Mites on Jade Plants

The first step to removing spider mites on jade plants is removing the infested plant from the garden. This helps you to isolate that plant and prevent the spread of spider mites to healthy plants. 

Here are some of the ways you can rid your jade mites of spider mites:

1. Introduce Natural Enemies to the Garden

Spider mites have lots of natural enemies that keep in check. Introducing these to your garden is wise, as they do not destroy the plants but reduce the spider mite population. These natural predators include big-eyed bugs, lady beetles, and, most importantly, the western predatory mites. 

Other predators that feed on spider mites include the six spotted thrips, lacewing larvae, and minute pirate bugs. This approach can prove counterproductive if there is a high proliferation of these natural enemies in your garden.

2. Use of Water Shower

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Because of their size, getting rid of spider mites on jade plants can be worrisome. So, your bathroom shower can save the day if turned on to its maximum force. The force of the water should be able to dislodge the spider mites on the jade plant while flushing the annoying pests down the drain.

This way, you do not have to worry about carrying the eggs or minute pests on your clothes, tools, or the potting soil. This is especially helpful if your jade plant is a houseplant and you are scared that miticides will harm house pets or children. It is the best approach to getting rid of spider plants on potted jade plants.

3. Use of Miticides

There are commercially available miticides to help rid your garden of spider mites on jade plants. However, spider mites may become resistant to these compounds due to their rapid proliferation rate. And so, these miticides have little effect on mite control. 

A second downside to using miticides in your garden or home is that these compounds can be toxic to you and your house pets. This may lead to health complications such as anaphylactic reactions, allergies, and asthma attacks. 

A safer approach to getting rid of spider mites on jade plants is utilizing organic products to mitigate spider mite infestation on jade plants. These are usually DYI approaches to getting rid of spider mites. Yet, they have been helpful to many gardeners and house plant owners.

This includes products such as:

  • Neem oil
  • Insecticidal soaps
  • Apple cider vinegar spray
  • Rosemary oil spray
  • Alcohol-based sprays
  • Seek Professional Help

When gardening, a great way to ensure success is by enlisting the help of a professional. This helps you boycott rookie mistakes and scale through most gardening problems.

In this case, it is wise to call a pest management professional. They have the training and expertise to deal with all pest infestations. The professional will check on all the garden or house plants to ensure that there is no infestation spread. And will utilize their skills in getting rid of the spider mites on jade plants. 

An additional bonus is that they will give you a short course on ways to keep spider mites away from your garden. This will help to control the pest population within your garden and keep your jade plants thriving.

Fun Fact

Spider mites are not spiders, and yet, they spin webs. They are tiny arachnids that lay eggs beneath their webs. They reproduce their young two weeks after laying their eggs. Hence, there can be a large population of spider mites in an infested garden after a short period.


Having spider mites on jade plants is worrisome as they destroy all parts of the plant and make a mess of your hard work. And although catching them early can be tasking, with the above guidelines, it is a possible feat. Therefore, you can look for the tell-tale signs of an infestation and act promptly when you notice spider mites on jade plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of spider mites on Jade plants?

You will observe speckling and white spots on the foliage of the jade plants. Spider mite infestation is seldom visible until in the later stages, and so you must be vigilant to observe subtle signs of infestation. The most effective DYI spider mite control method is rubbing alcohol on jade plants to eliminate pests.

What are spider mites on houseplants?

Spider mites are tiny bugs that look like spiders and infest house and garden plants. They feed on the succulent parts of these plants and can cause damage to the plant leaves, stems, and roots. The most common sign of spider mite infestation is the presence of thin, silky webs on the leaves and leave-stem of succulent plants.

What is eating my jade plant leaves?

If you do not see the pests, they might be spider mites. These jade plant pests live in colonies and are rapid reproducers. Hence, they can cause immense damage to the plant in a short period due to their large number.

They usually suck all of the sap from the jade plant, leaving it limp and lifeless. And because they are minute pests, you may only notice them after they have caused this damage.


The presence of spider mites on jade plants is a menace to any garden. It is bothersome because these pests can readily spread to other plants. Yet, with the proper guidelines on gardening, you can keep spider mites out of your garden and house plants. Hence, you must engage with the right source to obtain information and tips for successful gardening.

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