Can You Transplant Hydroponic Plants To Soil? 4 Easy Steps

Hydroponic gardening is much easier than pot plantation and is a recent trend. But Can you transplant hydroponic plants to soil? 

Well, to answer it simply, even if this might sound harsh to you, hydroponic plants can die if you transfer them from water to soil, depending on your technique of doing it.  It is not an easy process to attempt to transplant hydroponics into the soil.

When you transfer your plant from water to soil, it gets a shock due to the change in the environment. If you want your plant to survive and bloom, you need to overcome this shock. 

But the question still remains: Can you transplant hydroponic plants to soil. So, to get the answer, and learn more about transplanting hydroponic plants, read this article till the end. 

Can You Transplant Hydroponic Plants To Soil 

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Yes, it is possible to transplant hydroponic plants to soil. But to successfully do it, you must be extremely careful both before and after the transition. There are high risks that your plant might die, so you should use utmost precautions while doing it. 

There can be many reasons why you can transplant hydroponic plants to soil. If it is not very much necessary, then don’t do it. A few common reasons people transfer hydroponic plants to soil are as follows. 

  • Seeds can only be available if you put your plant on soil. So, many gardeners wish to build a winter garden, and thus, in order to get seeds to grow more saplings, they transfer their hydroponic plants to soil. 
  • Another reason can be the growth rate of the plant. Sometimes, hydroponic plants grow soo much that accommodating them in a glass jar becomes impossible. So, gardeners plant them in the soil to allow them to grow more effectively. 
  • Many gardeners also wish to sell their plants and thus transfer them to the soil. 

It is not easy to transit an indoor house plant to an outer environment. You can read a separate article on the risks of transplanting hydroponic plants to soil. So, you must take utmost care while doing it. Take care of the plant before starting the transition and slowly adjust to the outer environment. This is similar to the way seeds are hardened before planting in the outer soil. 

Steps To Transfer Hydroponic Plants To Soil

1. Reduce The  Water Level

Before you transfer the hydroponic plant to the soil, you gradually need to lower the water level. You can start reducing it from a week before the transition. This will help the plant grow longer roots that it will need later in the soil. 

Another advantage of this technique is that it will help in toughening up the root cells. This is important since, the cell wall grown in water is much thinner than those grown in soil. So, reducing water will help them slowly adjust to the dirt environment. 

2. Use The Right Pot

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If you plan to move the plant in soil, you must transfer it to a pot first and keep it indoor. This is because, the plant is not habituated to direct sunlight and dirt. So, if you directly plant it in your house garden, it will die under harsh conditions. 

So, to avoid this shock, use a pot of almost four to five inches long and plant your hydroponic plant on it, keep it for a few weeks, and then, finally, you can plant it in the garden. 

3. Fill The  Pot With Right Potting Soil

For your hydroponic plant, you must use a loose and lightweight soil mix to provide it with the best environment. It will help in proper drainage and let your plant roots breathe. And thus, the roots will grow and toughen up easily. 

However, make sure to add some water to the soil mix before putting it in the pot. After this step, fill the pot only 3-4 with potting mix and softly press down to dig a space to hold your hydroponic plant sapling. 

4. Make A Hole In The Pot

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You can use a spoon to dig down the hold, perfectly accommodating your plant root. However, do not make it too large as your plant might find support to stand still so they can get dislocated. 

Move your plant quickly from the water vase to pot. Once you have potted your plant successfully, you can sprinkle mycorrhiza into each hole. 

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So, now that you know how to transplant hydroponic plants to the soil, you can easily do it if you need to sell it, let it grow, or for any other reason. But we advise you not to take this risk unless it is crucial. It can damage your plant, and it can eventually die.

So, take proper precautions and take a lot of care of your plant before and post-transplantation. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Transplant Aerogarden Plants To Dirt?

You can transplant aerogarden plants to dirt, but you will have to do it in steps. First, transfer it into a pot, and then, after keeping it for some days, you can finally transfer it to the soil. 

Can You Replant Hydroponic Lettuce In Soil?

Yes, hydroponic lettuce can grow efficiently once replanted in soil. 

Can Hydroponic Plants Be Grown Outside?

Hydroponic plants can grow outside. But some natural causes can lead your plant to dry up or rot. For example, excessive sunlight or rainfall can cause damage to your plant. So, you will have to do it at your own risk. 

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