Can Succulents Survive in Bathrooms

Can Succulents Survive in Bathrooms? Care, Decor & 3 Pro Tips!

It is general knowledge that succulents have roots that store water. So, they do not require surplus amounts of water to thrive. Yet, your bathroom may be the only free space in your house that accommodates a succulent plant pot. So, this begs the question, “can succulents survive in bathrooms?

This is a challenging problem for succulents. Others succeed where others struggle. This might sound like a trick question, and you may be right in that thought. Yet, to get an accurate answer to “Can succulents survive in bathrooms?” you may have to keep reading this piece. And of course, there is always more to learn on your question about all plant life.

Succulents and Their Growth Requirements

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Succulents are popular with houseplant parents because they are hardy and look beautiful in the living space. Yet, like children, they need the right conditions and environment to thrive. This is arguably the most crucial part of any gardening journey. 

So, what do succulents require to thrive? 

1. Good Lighting

Recall that succulents are also plants, even if they look infallible. So, they need sufficient indirect light for photosynthesis. Yet, the light requirement of these plants depends on the species of succulents in your home. However, they wilt when exposed to extreme sunlight for elongated periods.

This occurs due to damage to plant tissues and drying of the soil. The leaves and tissues turn brown and experience sunburns as a consequence. 

So, can succulents survive in bathrooms? Probably, if the lighting is appropriate. This is a primary box to tick if you want to grow succulents in your bathroom.

2. Soil Type

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Succulents thrive in fast-draining potting soil. This is because such soil types allow more aeration and moisten the roots without being overly wet. So, they are less prone to fungal and bacterial infections typical with compact soil. It would be best to use perlite or peat moss to improve the soil’s drainage.

The plant pot should also have sufficient holes to allow draining. You can also put a stone or pebble bed beneath the potting soil. This also improves drainage.

3. Water Requirements

Succulents can survive prolonged periods of drought. Yet, a downside is that they may look unhealthy, stunted, or wilted if these periods persist. So, it would help if you created a balance in watering succulents.

This implies that you must not flood the plant with excessive water. But it would help if you gave it sufficient water to thrive in all seasons.

Bottom line: To keep the succulents happy, you must achieve accurate humid conditions. The bathroom is a great place to achieve this, as it is always humid without being constantly wet.

4. Temperature

No ideal growth temperature exists for all succulents because they are natives of different climes. Yet, most succulents prefer a daytime temperature of 70-800F and a night temperature of 50-550F.

Bathrooms usually have higher temperatures than most other spaces in the house, so succulents are likely to do well in such environments.

5. Protection from Pests and Diseases

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Succulents are hardy and do not bow to pests and diseases quickly. Yet, even the strongest plants need protection from harmful aliens. So, keeping succulents away from harmful pathogens and fomites such as humans and pets keeps them safe. 

The bathroom is your personal space and has the least traffic in a home. So, growing succulents in the bathroom protects them from harm.

Can Succulents Survive in Bathrooms? Pro Tips

You are starting to see that the answer to this question is – yes, in the right conditions. Here are tips that guide you in setting the appropriate growth conditions for succulents in the bathroom:

1. Pick the Succulent Wisely

There are lots of succulents available in garden and plant shops. These succulents have preferences for grooming and propagation conditions. As a potential parent, you must know the variety of succulents that survive in bathrooms and understand their needs. Some of the popular succulents that thrive in bathrooms are:


You may never get to see a hardier succulent. It has the most tolerance for all grooming conditions and can survive the harshest climes. It does well in the warm and humid bathroom space and will thrive even when you are gone for days.

Aloe Vera

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This sits beautifully on the bathroom’s window pane and has several benefits beyond aesthetics. Aloe vera has several health benefits and is often part of skin and hair care products. The aloe vera plant is also a natural detoxifier that cleans out your home’s air.

It is also a hardy plant and will do well in the bathroom. It is also a close relative of the Echeveria – another succulent thrives in the bathroom. These both tolerate high humidity and absorb carbon dioxide within your home.

When your living space is congested, these are great plants to introduce to your home, especially in the bathroom.

2. Control the Humidity

To enable the succulents to thrive, you can control humidity within the bathroom. Some helpful tricks include:

  • Reducing the temperature of the shower 
  • Putting on the exhaust fan to suck up the excess humidity
  • Putting wet towels in the bathroom to take up the excess water droplets

3. Water the Succulents

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Always keep in mind that the succulents may still need watering at intervals. So, routinely check for dehydration, and water the succulents sparingly. Also, put the succulents in areas within the bathroom that allow sunlight.

If the sunlight is poor, supplement lighting using grow lights or fluorescents.

More about succulents:


Succulents are an excellent choice of bathroom plants. They survive everywhere, including window panes, bathrooms, and living rooms. The succulents will thrive if you provide the proper growth conditions within the bathroom. Humidity, soil type, lighting, and temperature are the primary factors in poor plant growth. 

So, when these are optimal, the succulent choice thrives in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Houseplant parents were also curious:

Can You overwater succulents?

Succulents are pretty sensitive to high water content in the soil. They prefer slightly moist and airy soil environments to thrive. So, if the soil has poor drainage, there is such a thing as overwatering the succulents. This may cause root rot and link to plant wilting and death.

Do succulents need a lot of care?

No! Succulents are independent and require minimal attention and care. They thrive where they are least disturbed and can handle most grooming conditions. They are hardy and strong, so they do not need much care.

What are some succulents that can survive below freezing temperatures?

Succulents such as fine-leaved sedums, sempervivums, cacti, and agaves can handle freezing conditions. Over time, these have undergone adaptations of all plant parts, making them adapt quickly to such harsh conditions.

What is a succulent?

A succulent is any plant that has fleshy and turgid leaves. It stores water in its roots, leaves, and stems. Succulents often leave wet spots when you step on them or press hard. They are adapted to arid climes and can thrive for long periods without water.


Can succulents survive in bathrooms? Yes! Succulents can grow in bathrooms and thrive too. This is great news for plant parents that are out of conventional living spaces.

This article covers all bases on grooming succulents in bathroom spaces. It also educates potential houseplant parents on the appropriate conditions for the optimal growth of succulents.

To keep more than one succulent, it is best to find out about them. Arming yourself with the right tips will help you to avoid gardening mistakes on your journey as a plant parent.

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