How To Prevent Plant Pots From Falling Over In The Wind

How To Prevent Plant Pots From Falling Over In The Wind: 4 Easy Ways!

Nothing is worse than opening the door to your backyard or balcony and finding all of your potted plants have been knocked over by the wind. Not only does it make a mess, but it can affect the health of your plants. 

Fortunately, there are many ways on how to prevent plant pots from falling over in the wind. From simply buying heavier pots to staking your plants, there are many solutions that will suit both you and your plants’ needs.

Regardless of if your plants are on your front porch or squeezed onto an apartment balcony, they can be properly secured.

Choosing the right type of potting soil, placing your pots in a sheltered area, and grouping them together can also help prevent plant pots from toppling over in the wind.

Read on to learn the different methods that can help prevent your potted plants from falling over in the wind.

How To Prevent Plant Pots From Falling Over In The Wind

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If you struggle with your plant pots falling over in the wind, there are 3 major solutions that work well, as listed below:

  • Make the plant pot heavier, either by using a heavier pot or by adding stones to the bottom of the pot
  • Attach the middle or top of the plant itself to something stable, such as a wooden stake
  • Attach the plant pot itself to something stable or heavy, such as a piece of furniture

Overall, the best solution is to find ways to give the plant pot enough weight to counteract the strength of the wind. You can always combine these methods as well.

For example, if your plants are on a balcony of a high rise apartment that receives a lot of wind, you can weigh down the pots and also attach the plant pots to furniture. However, if you live in a house that only gets the occasional storm, then simply weighing down the pot might be enough.

Additionally, it is good to consider the height and weight of the plant itself. If you have a particularly tall plant, then it could be easier for the wind to knock it over. Tying taller plants to a wooden stake that is placed in the dirt of the plant pot can further secure your plants.

1. Selecting the Right Pot For Your Plants

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The easiest on how to prevent plant pots from falling over in the wind is to examine the pot itself. If the pot is a lightweight or thin material, then a light breeze could easily knock it over, especially if the plant pot is small in size.

Simply picking a heavier material for your plant pots could solve the entire issue. Materials such as clay, concrete, and metal are much harder to knock over in the wind.

Terracotta and ceramic are also good heavy choices. However, if you live in an area where temperature often fluctuates, these materials could become brittle and crack as the seasons change.

Additionally, if you have railings nearby, you can use balcony planters. This will anchor the plant pot to the balcony itself. Just be sure to select one that is a larger size, as smaller ones could still get knocked off of the railing.

Size is also important to consider. If you have a tall or large plant in a pot that is too small for its size, then it will be very top heavy, making it easier to fall over in the wind. Be sure to select a pot that is the proper size for your pot to help even out its balance.

2. Anchor Your Plant Pots

If heavier pots are not doing the trick or you simply cannot afford to purchase new plant pots at the moment, then the next best solution is to anchor the pots. This can also be used as an extra measure on top of getting better plant pots.

If you have railings nearby, you can anchor your plant pots to the railing using zip ties or rope. You can even use iron wire. Additionally, you can use this method to anchor your plant pots to other heavy and sturdy objects, such as furniture.

You can also anchor your plant pots to a heavier planter, if you have one. If one plant pot has proven to be particularly sturdy in the wind, then anchor the other pots to it. 

Another alternative for anchoring your plant pots is to weigh the pot down with rocks. Simply place heavy rocks at the bottom of the plant pot to give it more weight. This method is particularly popular as it will not be visible, unlike zip ties or rope.

3. Protect Your Plants

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There are other ways to prevent your plant pots from falling over in the wind that do not require messing with the plant pot itself. You can protect your plants with the use of windbreakers, such as large furniture or bushes. These will block the wind from getting to your plant pots.

If windbreakers are not an option, you can install a windscreen. Although it will not block all wind, it will block a lot of it from getting to your plant pots. You can find windscreens in stores such as Home Depot or online via Amazon.

Additionally, you can always move your plants closer to a wall to help minimize how much wind passes through the area your plant pots are in. Lastly, although it might be inconvenient, if you know a storm is coming, you can move your plant pots indoors temporarily.

4. Stake Your Plants

For taller plants, their size might make it easier for them to fall over in the wind. To help give your taller plants more stability, you can tie them to stakes. 

A stake is a long piece of wood that you can tie a plant stem to. Typically, a stake is long and narrow. The stake is placed in the dirt and the plant is tied to it using twine.

For extra stability, you can place the stake in the ground outside of the plant pot to anchor it. If that is not an option, then you can place the stake in a nearby planter that is heavier.

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Regardless of where you live, there are many ways to protect your plant pots so they do not fall over in the wind. Combine these methods or experiment with them to find a solution that best suits you and your plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my plants are already in heavy pots but they still get knocked over in the wind?

Try weighing down the inside of the pot with rocks. Additionally, you can anchor your pots to a nearby railing or piece of furniture. The trick is to find as many ways as needed to weigh down the pot to ensure it will not fall over.

What if my plant pot is too large to get a zip tie around it?

If you want to anchor your pot to a railing or furniture but it is too large for zip ties, you can try drilling a hole into the pot itself. Carefully drill a hole into the top of the pot, run a zip tie or piece of rope through it, and tie it to whatever you want to anchor the pot to. Be careful when using this method.

Will rocks in the bottom of the pot block the water from draining?

Stones placed in the bottom of a plant pot will not prevent the pot from draining. In fact, it is a common method used when growing succulents to help with water draining, so you will not have to worry about the rocks when watering your plants.

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