Dahlia Leaves Turning Brown

Dahlia Leaves Turning Brown (Here’s How To Instantly Fix It)

Are you curious why your dahlia leaves are suddenly turning brown?

Your dahlia leaves are likely turning brown because of overwatering and poor plant care. Planting dahlias in the wrong soil with inadequate fertilizers can cause your plant leaves to turn brown. Several natural reasons, like pest insects and old age, can also cause the browning of dahlia leaves. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about why your dahlia leaves are turning brown and what you can do to make them turn green again. With the right care and attention, your dahlias can bloom in vibrant colors and delight you with their beauty!

Why are my dahlia leaves turning brown?

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Dahlia leaves turn brown for several reasons, like your watering routine or the amount of sunlight you give your plant. While inadequate plant care is often the most common reason dahlia leaves turn brown, there are also other reasons why your dahlia leaves are turning brown.

The following reasons cause dahlia leaves to turn brown:

  • Overwatering or underwatering
  • Pest insects
  • Inadequate sunlight
  • Plant diseases
  • Poor soil quality
  • Natural aging

Is it bad when dahlia leaves turn brown?

It can be bad when dahlia leaves turn brown, so you should always try to identify the problem when you first notice an issue. For instance, pest insects could infest your dahlia plant’s leaves.

You can easily take care of these pests, but you must address the problem immediately if you want to save your plant and the others around it. In other cases, it could be something natural that is causing your dahlia leaves to turn brown.

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What is a natural reason dahlia leaves turn brown?

Age is the most common reason that dahlia leaves will naturally turn brown. Leaves naturally turn brown before the dahlia plant dies. Leaves can die individually, or the plant can die as a whole.

Either way, the sign of a leaf dying signifies your plant is reaching the end of its life. You can cut these dying leaves off to restore nutrients in the living parts of the plant, which may prolong the remaining portion of the plant’s life.

Pests and plant disease are two other natural reasons why dahlia leaves turn brown. Most plants get pest insects and diseases because they are not sprayed with a natural pesticide. 

What pest insects cause your dahlia plant leaves to turn brown?

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Pest insects like the aphid can cause your dahlia leaves to turn brown as they suck the sap from the leaves. After sucking sap from the leaves, they will cause discoloration to your dahlia leaves.

The browning of your leaves can be treated using a natural pesticide. After treating your plant for insect pests, keep the pests away by spraying your plant with a natural pesticide.

Which plant diseases cause dahlia leaves to turn brown?

Viral plant infections can cause dahlia plants to turn brown. The most common viral infection that causes dahlia leaves to turn brown is typically verticillium wilt. Verticillium wilt is a viral infection caused by infected soil. The infected soil causes discoloration to leaves, making current leaves turn brown.

How do I bring color back to dehydrated (dry) dahlia leaves?

Bring color back to dry dahlia leaves by slowly adjusting your watering routine to give them more water. You want to keep the soil constantly damp, ensuring it never dries. If the soil gets dry, the plant will remain dehydrated and be incapable of soaking up the necessary vitamins and minerals to grow.

How do I bring color back to nutrient-deprived dahlia leaves?

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The soil’s pH level has a lot to do with the nutrients your dahlia plant is getting. Check your soil’s pH balance to be between 5.8 and 6.2. Adjust your fertilizers accordingly until you achieve the right balance.

Find a fertilizer that provides all the nutrients your plant needs and uses that liquid fertilizer on your dahlia or replaces the soil with fresh soil.

How do I bring color back to sun-bleached dahlia leaves?

Remove your dahlia from direct sunlight to prevent sun bleaching. Your plant should only receive six hours of direct sunlight each day. Removing it from the sunlight may not reduce all discoloration, but it will likely help regain color to your plant.

You may still require clipping with garden shears to remove the dead ends. Shearing these ends will help the rest of the plant retain more nutrients.

How do I bring color back to sun-deprived dahlia leaves?

Give your dahlia plants more sun if they have been sun-deprived for too long. Place them in direct sunlight for at least six hours of the day so they can soak up the light.

Soaking in the sunshine for several hours may help your sun-deprived dahlia leaves return to their normal color, especially if they have gone several weeks without the necessary direct light they require.


The most common reason dahlia leaves turn brown is poor water routines. Dahlia leaves may turn brown because of poor plant care, but they can also turn brown for natural reasons.

They may also turn brown because of bad soil, poor lighting, or plant diseases. If you notice an issue with your dahlia leaves, you must identify the issue immediately to fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem may escalate and kill your plant.

Sometimes, the problem may be easily fixable, like adjusting your watering routine or changing your fertilizers. Other cases may take more effort, like putting your plant in quarantine and giving it a pest control treatment. 

Bring color back into your plant’s leaves by determining the cause of the problem and then adjusting your plant care habits. You may need to repot your dahlia plant in fresh soil with a new fertilizer. Before repotting, always check the pH level to guarantee you are getting the best vitamin and mineral balance possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring color back to browning dahlia leaves?

Bring color back to your browning dahlia leaves by identifying the issue causing your browning leaves. Every problem has a different solution. Therefore, it is important that you first determine what is causing your leaves to turn brown.

Should I be concerned by dahlia leaves turning brown?

You should be concerned about dahlia leaves turning brown because it could signify there is something wrong with your plant. Drastic cases could involve your dahlia plant dying because of an infestation or root rot, so you must identify and address the issue immediately when your dahlia leaves turn brown.

Should I always water my dahlia plant?

It is not always necessary to water your dahlia plants. For instance, when your plant becomes dormant, you should not continue watering it. Do not continue watering your dahlia plant if the soil is already damp, or the plant’s roots could become oversaturated and rot.

How does overwatering cause my dahlia leaves to turn brown? 

Overwatering is a problem for dahlias because it can easily waterlog the plant roots. Once the roots get logged with water, they will rot and become incapable of retaining any nutrients from the soil. The plant will then die.

How does underwatering cause my dahlia leaves to turn brown?

Underwatering can cause problems for dahlias because they get deprived of necessary nutrients. If you underwater your plant, it becomes dehydrated and will not grow properly. 

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