Why Are My Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping

Why Are My Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping? 4 Main Causes & Solutions

Are you wondering why are my avocado tree leaves drooping? Well, it’s a top searched query and it’s fairly frequent with indoor and outdoor avocado trees.

Avocado trees make excellent houseplants because of their thick, green leaves. They’re also reasonably straightforward to care for as long as they get lots of light and warmth. There are a few crucial factors to keeping this plant alive, and if you don’t take proper care of them, it will rapidly become sad.

Plants that have been overwatered droop, but they can also droop if they are maintained in a pot that is too small, are underwatered, aren’t getting enough light, or are experiencing transplant shock. Learn more about why are my avocado tree leaves drooping in this article. 

Why Are My Avocado Tree Leaves Drooping?

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Under-watering is the most common cause of drooping leaves on avocado plants, but over-watering can also produce them. Push a finger 2-4 inches into the soil to check the moisture level. If it’s dripping wet, don’t water it and wait for it to dry a little.

The Avocado plant’s foliage droops due to a lack of sunshine. Your Avocado leaves may be drooping as a result of overwatering. When a plant suffers from transplant shock, its leaves also droop.

So, while under-watering is the most prevalent cause of drooping and withering avocado tree leaves, what should you do about it, and how can we rule out the other possibilities?

Avocado is a berry that belongs to the family of fruits. Avocado trees are cultivated for their edible fruits. Taking care of an avocado tree is not difficult. Leaf drooping is the most prevalent of these.

Avocado Plant That’s Been Over-Watered

Droopy leaves of Avocado plants are most commonly caused by overwatering. Avocado plants that have been overwatered appear ill and droopy. Overwatering occurs for a variety of reasons. When you water the plant more than it needs, this can happen.

When the potting mix/soil does not drain properly, overwatering occurs. If the pot doesn’t have any drain holes, overwatering is possible.

So, whatever the reason for drooping, it’s because of ‘wet feet.’ Using your fingers, try to feel the dirt or potting mix. When the soil is dry up to two inches around your Avocado tree, water it.

Avocado leaves that have been overwatered become limp and discolored. The leaves sag, yet they don’t appear or feel dry. The leaves begin to turn yellow and droop at first. You can inspect the roots to ensure that they haven’t rotted yet.

Avocado roots become brown and mushy when they become rotten. After cleaning them with water, healthy roots should appear white.

Repotting May Be Necessary If The Soil Is Too Wet

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If you don’t correct this and move your plant to a pot with plenty of drainage holes, root rot is likely. Choose a pot with plenty of drainage holes and cover the bottom with gravel to allow water to flow away from the roots. A few tiny pebbles will suffice if you don’t have any stones.

Allow your avocado plant’s roots to dry out before placing them in the pot, and add new soil if the roots are too damp when you repot it. Reusing the previous soil is not recommended because it is still damp and may contain mold spores after you’ve repotted your avocado plant; water it lightly and give it some time to settle in.

In the future, this should help with drainage issues. Reduce the amount of water you give the plant and make sure the soil has a chance to dry up properly if the drainage is satisfactory.


Although you aren’t likely underwatering your avocado, drooping and weak leaves may signal thirst. Your plant most likely needs a drink if the soil feels very dry.

Give it some water, and ensure the drainage is adequate by verifying that the soil has dried out rapidly – after a few days, the earth should no longer feel damp.

Avocados are tropical and subtropical plants that require a lot of water (until the drainage holes in your pot are completely dry). When watered in modest amounts regularly, salt can build up in the soil, compromising the avocado’s health. When watering, make sure there’s plenty of water in the pot until it’s scorched.

Shock After A Transplant

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If an avocado plant has recently been re-potted, it may begin to droop due to transplant shock. This indicates that the relocation stressed the plant and devoted its resources to adjust to the new environment.

After a few days, transplant shock should subside; the plant will adjust to its new surroundings and resume its attention to its leaves and photosynthesizing. Meanwhile, avoid upsetting the plant in other ways (such as moving it about) and reduce its stress by not overwatering it.

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Now, in the end, you must have got the answer to the question, why is my avocado tree leaves drooping? Overwatering is the most common cause of droopy avocado leaves, so check the soil moisture levels first.

If the plant appears to be too damp, repot it to avoid rotting or mushy roots. You should improve drainage, and future irrigation should be reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Deal With My Avocado Leaves Becoming Limp?

Losing leaves and drooping leaves sound like phytophthora root rot, which is challenging to treat once it has entered the soil, and plants rarely recover. Poor drainage or drought-stricken trees drying up and then receiving a massive amount of water are the causes.

How Often Should You Water An Avocado Tree?

Most avocado roots are found in the top six inches of soil, which can dry up quickly. Newly planted trees may need to be watered twice or three times a week in their first year. Avocado trees require roughly 2 inches of rainfall or irrigation per week throughout the summer.

Is It Necessary For Avocado Seedlings To Be Exposed To Direct Sunlight?

Plant your avocado tree where it will receive full to partial sun. Avocado trees need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to grow. Make sure your avocado tree is near a bright window if you’re going to keep it indoors. The sun shines brightest in portions of the house that face south.

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