Umbrella Plant Leaves Curling

Umbrella Plant Leaves Curling? 7 Possible Reasons

Commonly known as Schefflera, the umbrella houseplant is one that’s very easy to maintain. But many gardeners still face issues like the umbrella plant leaves curling up. And they just wonder why this happens.

Umbrella plant leaves can start to curl up, mainly because of underwatering the plant and equally overwatering it. Moreover, several other factors that can cause this problem include the quality of water you use, over-fertilizing, improper lighting, and even too much heat.

Handling this situation starts by identifying the different causes, but this can be hard. There are just so many factors for you to consider, which might be confusing sometimes.

To make this a lot easier for you, we’ve put together different possible reasons why umbrella leaves curl up and how to resolve them.

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Why Are My Umbrella Plant Leaves Curling?

1. Underwatering

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Every plant needs water to grow, and the umbrella plant is no exception. So a common cause of curling leaves in this plant is dehydration. Not only will this affect the growth of the plant, but also its appearance.

When water isn’t sufficient, the umbrella plant can gradually start to dry up. Within a short time, the leaves will start to get crispy and even curl up.

Proper watering of the umbrella plant is enough to fix the problem of umbrella plant leaves curling. It’s best to water this plant at ground level so it goes deep into the soil. Sprinkling water above the plant is not effective for proper growth.

2. Overwatering

Not only can insufficient water make umbrella plant leaves curl, but also excess water. Most times, the roots of this plant don’t thrive in soil that contains too much water.

Excess water in the soil can contaminate the roots of this plant. It also doesn’t allow nutrients to flow easily through the roots. Both of these conditions can slowly kill this plant.

Curling leaves are a good indication that you are watering your umbrella plant too much. Watering the umbrella plant once a week is enough as long as you do it the right way.

Additionally, make sure the soil is loose and the pot has drainage holes. This plant has to be in soil that is capable of draining water.

All of this helps to regulate the amount of water that is beneath the soil the umbrella plant sits on.

3. Insufficient Nutrients

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Just like any other plant, the umbrella plant needs nutrients to remain healthy. This lack of nutrients in this plant affects the plant in many ways. And one of them is that the plant’s leaves start to curl up.

However, in most cases, sunlight alone isn’t enough to restore nutrients to the soil. You should jump-start the whole process of nutrient restoration by applying fertilizer to the soil.

A suitable amount of fertilizer can help restore nutrients to the plant. And the best time to do it is during the season when the Schefflera plant’s growth is at its best.

4. Excess Fertilizer Usage

Like with most other plants, the overuse of fertilizers can harm a plant rather than boost its growth and appearance. Certain fertilizers contain strong chemicals, and excessive application increases their harmful impact on the plant.

When your Schefflera gets too much fertilizer, it may lose its beautiful appearance. Usually, the leaves will begin to curl up and shrink, which is equally unhealthy. However, you can make things right by using organic fertilizers with fewer chemicals in them.

Also, try repotting the umbrella plant if you notice it is suffering badly from excess fertilizer in the soil.

5. Inappropriate Sunlight

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Undoubtedly, all plants need sunlight to thrive naturally. Hence, it’s very certain that poor sunlight can make an umbrella plant unhealthy. This plant can experience malnutrition and one of the symptoms is the curling of leaves.

On the other hand, excess sunlight is equally harmful to a plant. It can dehydrate the umbrella plant and make its leaves curl too. So make sure the umbrella plant stays in areas where it gets a good amount of sunlight but not directly.

Furthermore, if you keep the plant indoors, place it near a window or any area where it can get access to a moderate amount of sunlight.

6. Low Humidity

Umbrella plants are the kinds that thrive in a hot and moist environment, especially in tropical locations. This means that dry conditions can be bad for this plant.

If this plant does not get enough water, it can become dehydrated. Leaves become dry and start to curl up. Nevertheless, proper watering is important as well as placing this plant in places with favorable humidity.

7. Temperature Imbalance

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Both high and low temperatures can make your Schefflera sick. Understand that the umbrella plant grows well in temperatures ranging from 60 to 90° Fahrenheit.

Hence, a temperature that is way higher or lower than this range can affect the plant’s health. This plant can either get dry or freeze, which can both result in the umbrella plant’s leaves curling up and shrinking.

As mentioned earlier, an umbrella plant thrives in hot conditions, so it needs a moderate amount of heat. However, if you notice your plant has been under so much heat, bring it indoors and water it.

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Now, we are sure you know that the umbrella plant’s leaf curling issue arises from many factors. But the good thing is that you also know how to handle them.

Remember to water properly, as this is a major cause of the curling condition. It’s equally important to regulate the amount of heat and sunlight the plant receives.

An umbrella plant might not need so much care or attention to look healthy. However, when issues like this arise, this beautiful plant will rely on your efforts to make it better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are The Leaves Of My Plant Curling Up?

Curling leaves is a response to heat stress that the plant is experiencing. When a plant gets too much heat or direct light, it tries to conserve moisture in

And the way they do it is by curling up their leaves. Try hydrating the plant or any other measures that can balance the temperature.

How Often Should You Water Your Umbrella Plant?

Water the umbrella plants once every week, or a maximum of two weeks. Alternatively, water whenever you notice that the soil is dry. This plant is very adaptable when it comes to watering.

However, it tolerates dry soil more than one with excess water. Drooping leaves indicate underwatering, while yellow leaves are signs that the plant is getting too much water.

How Do You Revive an Umbrella Plant?

Consider changing both the soil and the pot for a new one. This gives the plant a fresh start to grow healthily. Moreover, if the soil is too dry, add a moderate amount of water to it. And if it contains too much water, try draining it up.

Furthermore, prune unhealthy leaves or branches so they don’t affect other parts of the plant. More importantly, make sure your plant is receiving a good amount of indirect sunlight.

Increase the humidity of the plant and the soil. Also use fertilizer, but moderately, to restore nutrients to the plant.

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