Treubii Dark Form

Treubii Dark Form Plant, Grow & Care Guide 2022

There are numerous vine plants but Treubii dark form exudes exceptional characteristics. It comes with special dark-green lance-shaped leaves, blossoming flowers, and other upsides. Let’s get a more lowdown about the plant and all it represents. We also cover how best to care for it.

What is Treubii Dark Form?

Treubii dark form, officially known as Scindapsus Treubii, is one plant every plant enthusiast should have in their terrarium. It features a special appearance that distinguishes it from other plants. Apart from this, it’s a good climber that can extend towards the height of anything it leans towards.

This plant, despite its unusual characteristics, is easy to grow. You only need to expose it to the ideal climatic and soil conditions. These details have been made available for you. Keep reading!

Origin and Classification

Treubii’s Dark form’s origin is spread across several regions. It’s been traced to distinct locations including West Pacific Islands, New Guinea, and Southeast Asia. By classification, it’s of the family, Araceae, and genus, Scindapsus.

Features of Treubii Dark Form

Some interesting features of the plant are highlighted below:

1. Height

This plant, if subjected to the right conditions, can grow up to 4m in height. Its leaves can extend up to 15cm. It tends to grow bigger if given the space to climb.

2. Flowers & Leaves

Typically, its leaves grow in alternate patterns and towards opposite directions. Its flowers on the other hand are produced at the maturity stage.

3. Foliage and Stem

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This plant comes with green, smooth but thin stems. Its foliage is compacted which is why the plant is a slow grower.

4. Evergreen  

Except for being exposed to inadequate or excess sunlight, its leaves have evergreen capabilities. Its leaves, foliage, and stem can stay green for as long as possible without getting discolored. But, this will only happen if the plant is properly catered to.

Basic Care of Treubii Dark Form

Most people think Treubii dark form is one of the plants that are difficult to cater for. This is outrightly wrong as this plant is easy to maintain and care for.

1. Size and Growth

If you’re interested in a plant that grows in months, then you have to look elsewhere because Treubii dark form is a slow grower. When planted at home, you might not get the desired result as it won’t grow well in height and width.

But when planted in the open, its width will be up to 1 to 3 width while its length is between 6 to 8 feet. This plant needs space to climb so it can exhibit its growth fully. It also has leaves that grow between 4 and 20 inches long; allowing it to climb will also help it grow into its full size.

Ensure the plants don’t grow horizontally or downwards. This plant is a trailing plant and will have a better chance at growth when you provide something they can climb. 

2. Light Requirement

Treubii dark form is a unique plant that thrives under indirect bright light. They enjoy having the east window and don’t appreciate you keeping them in the dark area of your house hence they begin to fade. Placing the plant in a shady area in your home can hinder its growth.

Direct sunlight can be dangerous to this plant as its leaves will begin to experience discoloration. Excess/ inadequate sunlight can also result in the leaves of your plant having crispy tips and edges with a brownish or yellowish color. This plant prefers indirect light and can still adapt to low light but this will delay its growth.

3. Water Requirement

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Many people are always skeptical about watering their houseplant because overwatering or underwatering will give your plant a difficult time. The plant has thick leaves that retain water for some time so overwatering it might be very dangerous.

Adding adequate water will help the plant grow well as they want wet soil but not too wet or dry. Leaving your plant to sit in water for a long time can result in root rot. Ensure there is a drainage hole through which excess water can come out. You can dip your hand into the soil to ensure that the soil is 2 to 3 inches dry before you water it again. Wet more during summer or spring and reduce watering during winter.

4. Soil Requirement

Treubii dark form prefers soil with rich organic matter, well-drained, and somewhat acidic. Although, this plant is not a picky plant when it comes to the soil as it will grow well in any kind of soil. Only ensure that whatever soil you make use of is rich in nutrients and well-drained.

You can mix your soil personally but add 10% pumice or perlite to enhance drainage. The plant is fine with a houseplant mix but with the correct formulation (pH 6.0 to 6.6). This will prevent waterlogged and root rot. They are also fine with loamy soil or any other soil that is fast draining.

5. Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers warm temperatures since they are used to warm tropical jungle. The temperature of this plant should range from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They can thrive well with the home temperature and will adapt when the temperature is a little bit lower or higher.

Ensure you don’t position this plant in places with air conditioning vents where they can reach freezing point. This plant also prefers somewhat high humidity. Humidity between 40 to 60 is fine and they’ll thrive even when within your home humidity range. Always provide a mist humidifying to help increase the humidity and clean the leaves in case of dirt.

6. Drought and Disease Resistance

When looking for a plant that is resistant to both drought and disease, then you can consider Treubii dark form plant. This plant is not prone to viral diseases, bacteria, and fungi. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle the plant with adequate care.

Ensure there is proper hygiene when handling the plant. Always wash your hands thoroughly if you’ve been busy with other plants and use sterilized pruning shears or scissors to avoid transmitting diseases. This plant can also survive in case of drought. Normally, the plant doesn’t appreciate overwatering and it is better to underwater this plant than to overwater it.

7. Toxicity

Treubii dark form plant is toxic to pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, and many other pets. This plant is also poisonous to human beings. Every part of the plant including the vines, roots, and leaves is toxic, and eating any part of the plant can be dangerous.

Do not allow your kids or pet to access this plant because it is microscopic and contains tiny insoluble calcium oxalates. Your kids or pet begin to exhibit drooling or mouth pawing, redness and swollen mouth, tongue, and lips, extreme irritation, oral pain, and swallowing difficulties when the plant is ingested or eaten.

8. Fertilizing

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One of the best ways to take care of your favorite Treubii dark form is to apply the correct amount of fertilizer. This will enhance its growth, beauty, and freshness. Knowing when and when not to fertilize this plant helps out a lot.

Do not apply fertilizer during winter but you can apply it once every two weeks during summer or spring. Support the plant’s foliage growth with fertilizers that are higher in nitrogen. Organic fertilizers are good for this plant as they do not allow salt to build up in the root of the plant. They also put an end to root burning and allow the plant to grow freely.

9. Potting and Repotting

Since it has been established that Treubii dark form is a slow grower, then you don’t have to bother about repotting this plant often. It will take a very long time before this plant can outgrow its original pot. You can re-pot this plant if you notice they are root-bound.

Your plant is experiencing root-bound when you begin to notice that the leaves are turning yellowish or brownish, when there is stunted growth, wilting, or when the root begins to grow from the pot. Do not repot often as it is only ideal to re-pot after a couple of years. You can report during summer or spring with a bigger pot but always avoid using an oversized pot.

10. Pruning requirement

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Proper pruning is also another way of taking good care of this plant. Unlike many other plants, Treubii Dark’s form doesn’t appreciate much pruning. Removing dry, old, and damaged leaves remains the best way to prune this plant.

This plant doesn’t have a fast growth so there is little or nothing to prune. Moreover, if you want your plant to get bigger with its branches getting wider, then you can prune some stems. For healthy pruning, use a sterilized pruning shear or knife and take it one step at a time to cut off the branches.

How to Propagate Treubii Dark Form

Propagating your Treibii dark form is best to see it spread across your home. When propagating this plant, ensure that all the equipment used is clean and hygienic. There are two ways to propagate this plant, check them out and choose one that you find easy and convenient.

Perlite propagation

  • Get a clean and sharp gardening shear or knife and cut off a leaf located under the plant’s node.
  • Get a medium-sized pot or container and fill it up with perlite. Add enough water to keep it moist.
  • Plant your cutting into the pot or container and water it regularly.
  • Keep on watering until it produces roots then you can transplant it into a pot with an adequate amount of soil.

Water propagation

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  • Once again, get a sharp and clean gardening shear or knife and cut off a leaf from the parent plant just under its node. Give the stem a space of 3 to 4 inches.
  • Put your cutting into a glass of water.
  • Ensure you visit your plant regularly and then change the water once every seven days to provide oxygen to the cuttings again.
  • Root should start forming after a few weeks then you can get your healthy soil ready and transfer the cuttings into it.

Common Problems In Caring For Treubii Dark Form

Some of the likely problems that the plant is prone to are elaborated below. They are best avoided to ensure smooth growth:

1. Inadequate Sunlight

When you notice that the leaves are turning yellow. That’s a sign that the plant is not getting enough light. This doesn’t mean that it should be exposed to direct sunlight as this can scorch its leaves and destroy its nutrient base.

2. Inadequate Water

This plant needs enough water to grow well. It mustn’t be drowned with water though because excess watering poses certain threats to its longevity.  

3. Stunted Growth

Another problem Treubii dark form plants may experience is little or no growth. This sometimes results from a lack of nutrients and causes leaf discoloration and stunted growth in the plant. To prevent this problem, provide the plant with quality, water-soluble fertilizer during its growing season.

Also, apply the fertilizer in moderate amounts to prevent overfeeding the Treubii dark form, which can also cause damage. 

4. Temperature Stress

Typically, Treubii dark form plants thrive in temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the plant away from rooms with air conditioners, heating vents, and draughts. Extreme temperatures and fluctuations can cause stress in the Treubii dark form plants. This may limit the plant’s optimal growth and health. 

5. Pest infestations

As with other plants, the Trubii dark form plant is prone to pest attack. Common pests that infest these plants include scale insects, mealybugs, and spider mites. Once you notice a pest infestation in your plant, apply pesticides to it or wipe the plant leaves with alcohol.

6. Diseases

Trubii dark form plants can also suffer from diseases, especially if their soil is always wet. Some of the signs you’ll notice are mold, and yellowing leaves. Separate the affected plants from the healthy ones to prevent the spread of diseases. Then, apply fungicides to the plant and grow it in fresh soil. 

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Final Thought

Treubii dark form is one plant you should add to your collection. It’s easy to care for and you don’t need to break a bank to get one for your house or terrarium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Treubii dark form turning yellow?

That’s because it’s not getting enough light. What you need to do is to change its position. Put it in a place where it can access indirect sunlight. Don’t put the plant in an open field or anywhere it can get direct sunlight.

Is Scindapsus Treubii dark form a rare plant?

Yes! It’s a rare plant with dark green lance- shaped glossy leaves. It’s distinguished by its special climbing abilities. Despite this, it’s a slow grower and will take years to reach maturity. After purchase, don’t expect it to suddenly blossom into a tree. No, that’s not going to happen! Keep doing the right thing and you’ll have good stories to tell about the plant eventually.

Is Scindapsus a toxic plant?

Yes! It’s toxic to humans and animals including rabbits, cats, dogs, and other pets. None of its parts are edible. Where it gets ingested by a person or animal, the right medical treatment must be provided.

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