String Of Dolphins Flat Leaves

String Of Dolphins Flat Leaves (3 Main Causes & Solutions)

String of dolphins flat leaves is a top sign your plant isn’t receiving optimal care. So, what is the cause of this issue, and how can you remedy it to ensure your plant thrives?

A string of dolphins is the common term for Senecio peregrinus, a beautiful trailing plant with leaves in dolphins. This succulent grows on long branches that dangle in a container.

That is why most of these plants are grown hanging in planters. It is an arching plant with pointed leaves on either side reminiscent of dolphin pectorals.

Thus, it is also called Flying Dolphins or String of Dolphins. Although String of Dolphins overgrows, many growers complain that it has flat leaves. Plants with flat leaves lose their uniqueness and become like any other houseplant. 

The three main causes of a string of dolphins having flat leaves are overwatering, insufficient light, and a lack of nutrients, but this can be remedied by adjusting watering practices, providing adequate lighting, and fertilizing the plant.

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String Of Dolphins Flat Leaves

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Dolphins Flat Leaves tend to become low in quality when exposed to a low amount of light, but indirectly. Some dolphin leaves tend to flatten in the shade for extended periods because they need more light. It might be best to move the pot every three days or tilt it until the problem goes away.

New flat leaves may grow with new growth, so removing the old flat leaves won’t make a difference. Dolphin string plants need bright light to grow healthy, and you may still find flattery leaves as they don’t receive enough sunlight.

It could also be a natural phenomenon that the shape of a plant initially appears flat when it grows new leaves, but when the fresh leaves start curling, it reverts to its original shape, known as dolphin-shaped.

A third and most unreal reason for flat leaves is excess water, and the soil is constantly moist. There is a 1% chance that this will happen; hence, check the soil before watering again. You should not water wet or moist soil until it is somewhat dry

The String Of Dolphins Flat Leaves: What Causes Them?

The succulent nature of the plant makes it a sun-loving plant. To grow properly, it requires plenty of sunlight. When its leaves are not exposed to enough light, they tend to flatten up, increasing their surface area.

The reason for this is that larger surfaces can absorb more sunlight. If a string of Dolphins has flat leaves, they are not getting enough sunlight.

A few early signs of leaf flattening are also visible on this lovely plant. The branch that reaches the light indicates that it does not receive enough sunlight. The string of Dolphins’ flat leaves tend to grow in such conditions, so you should move the plant as soon as possible to a brighter spot.

How To Grow A Dolphin Succulent?

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The Dolphin plant information indicates it is a hybrid with fun leaves and a low, light branching habit. A stem’s older leaves contain chubby tiny leaves adapted to store moisture; hence, they tend to arch and droop. You may even see tiny, starry pink flowers when you are lucky.

The leaves of these plants will pucker if they are not kept moist enough, as all succulents can tolerate periods of drought. Make sure the potting medium drains well, and choose a slightly larger container than the plant.

Dolphin plants do best in a slightly crowded environment. Mix more miniature succulents and add seashells or sand dollars as accents.

What Is The Best Way To Test Light Intensity?

To see how much light it receives, you can test a specific spot on your String of Dolphins. To determine which room area gets the best light intensity for this plant, you can conduct this test in other spots around the room.

You can place your plant there when you have determined the brightest spot. Consider doing this during midday or afternoon.

Hold a sheet of paper up to the window inside to carry out the test. Hold the paper up to the light with your other hand. Keep your free hand at least an arm’s length from the paper.

When a sharp shadow appears on the paper, the spot gets bright sunlight. The spot receives medium to low sunlight, but the shadows are soft. 

How Much Sunlight Does A String Of Dolphins Need?

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When plants are growing flat leaves, people mistakenly move them outdoors. They suffer more damage from direct sunlight than from low light. The leaves can be burned relatively quickly.

In other words, if your plant’s leaves are wilting, it means you are doing something wrong, and your plant is being exposed to excess sunlight.

Bright, indirect sunlight is necessary for the growth of the String of Dolphins. Ensure that the pot isn’t directly exposed to sunlight. Partially shady conditions are optimal. Getting some morning sunlight and being shaded by the intense afternoon sun is called a partial shade.


As a houseplant, a String of Dolphins trails a pot making an impressive display. Sadly, the leaves of this plant turn flat under certain conditions and dim their overall appearance.

Nevertheless, now that you understand the main reason for the flat leaves on String of Dolphins, you are better prepared to adjust its growing conditions and restore its thick and appealing leaves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do My Dolphins Look Flat?

One of the main reasons a string of dolphins flattens is minimal light since this plant prefers bright light. Consider placing it in a partial shade for a few days to see if it gets sunlight or not.

If you want to rescue the dolphin plant, try putting it in the morning sun for 4-5 hours a day and moving it to a sunny location. It may heal itself this way.

What Is The Light Requirement For Dolphin Strings?

The dolphin string does not require a lot of light, but it should receive sunlight for 3-5 hours every morning. The strings of dolphins are succulent, so they require proper care.

The string of dolphins needs sufficient light to grow healthy leaves; otherwise, it can cause spots on its leaves and sun damage.

How Can Dolphin Strings Be Revived?

It’s most likely that a string of dolphins will fade if too much water is thrown at them. To revive, you should use only water when the soil is parched since the roots need time to dry after being overwatered.

People sometimes check only the soil, but you should also check the drainage holes and remove any extra sand blocking the water flow.

Test this by drenching the plant with plenty of water and checking whether the water is drained. Everything is fine if the water is drained; otherwise, fix this problem right away.

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