Stone Removal From Yard

Stone Removal From Yard (4 Strategies for The Perfect Yard!)

Effective stone removal from yard helps prevent lots of problems. Apart from limiting plant growth, stones can damage your farm equipment. Besides, the stones can cause serious injury to your feet when walking in the yard.

While getting rid of the stones can be hard, following some useful tips can make it easy. In this article, we will provide simple ways by which you can make your yard stone-free.

Now, let’s get started!

Tools Needed For Stone Removal From Yard

1. Gardening gloves

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Wearing a pair of gloves is important whenever you’re doing garden work, including digging up stones. Not only will they prevent hand injuries, but they’ll also help you have a firm grip on tools.

2. Rake

Using a garden or leaf rake will help you maintain an upright posture when working in the yard. In a case where there are many large stones on your lawn, use the garden rake to make your work faster.

3. Shovel

Consider digging the small stones in your yard with a shovel. And if you have a scoop shovel, use it to move the stones you’ve gathered.

4. Soil Sifter 

Use this garden tool to separate soil from stones and debris in your yard.

5. Wheelbarrow

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One of the major advantages of a wheelbarrow is that it makes transporting materials very easy. In this case, you’ll gather the stones into the wheelbarrow and move them to the appropriate place.

6. Rototiller

This cultivating equipment has an engine-powered blade that rotates to loosen up or lift the soil. It performs the same function as a cultivator.

Once you get the necessary tools, the first thing to do is prepare your yard.

How to Prepare Your Yard

Using the rototiller, loosen up the soil in your garden. Even though you can use hand tools, a rototiller will make your work quick and easy. 

Apply minimal pressure on the rototiller the moment you start it. By doing so, you’ll begin to see the small and big stones on the topsoil.

How to Remove Stones from Your Yard

Most of the time, small yards or lawns require simple equipment for stone removal. Apart from being cost-effective, using simple tools in your yard will be more convenient. However, if your yard is large, you may want to use machines to make your work easier.

Try any of the procedures below to remove stones in your yard:

1. Manual Method

If you want to exercise your body and have a lot of time to spare, use your hands to pick up the stones. Of course, this procedure can be stressful, but it will be worth it when you’re through. 

Ask a family member or friend to help you out if possible. And don’t try to remove the large stones forcefully to prevent hurting your back.

Before you start picking the stones, wear your gloves and comfortable clothing to feel free. If you get tired, take some rest and continue the work later.

2. Use Gardening Tools

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Consider using a garden rake if you cannot use your hands to remove the stones. This method is not as stressful as the previous one. Make sure you use the rototiller to loosen up the soil before anything else. 

Rake through the whole area to gather the small and large stones. Use a scoop shovel to pack them into the wheelbarrow. You can also transfer the soil into a sifter to separate the soil from the stones.

3. Rent a Tractor

Removing large stones with your hands can be stressful and time-consuming. Therefore, you can rent a tractor to ease the stress and save time. Affix a rock screen and plow to the tractor to make your work simple and quick. 

First, attach a plow to the tractor to break up the topsoil in the yard. Then, fix the screen to the machine so it can move on the loosened soil. 

An advantage of using this method is that all the unwanted stones will be in a container on the tractor.

Although using a tractor requires less manpower, renting one can be expensive in certain situations.

4. Hire a Junk Removal Company

If you’re busy and the stones are giving you concern, hire the service of a junk removal company. They’ll calculate the volume and weight of the stones in your yard.

Thereafter, they’ll tell you the time it will take to complete the job and the price you’ll pay. Having large stones in your yard means you’ll possibly pay an extra amount of money.

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With the tips in this article, we’re sure you now know how to remove stones from your yard. Even though the methods can be a little bit difficult and time-consuming, they’re for the best. 

Growing crops in your garden will be easy, and your farm equipment will be free from damage. In a case where you’re not capable of getting rid of stones in your garden, call the junk removal company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Landscape Rock?

Call the junk removal service or discard the rocks using a trailer. Inform the junk removal company about the rocks so that they can take them to the appropriate place. On the other hand, you can pack the rocks in a trailer and drive them to a yard where they accept rock and gravel.

Should I Remove Stones from the Soil?

Yes, removing stones from the soil will make it more useful and improve its structure. Moreover, it will increase your plant yields and prevent damage to your gardening tools. In addition, getting rid of stones in your yard will reduce your chances of injuring your feet or falling.

Is There a Machine to Pick Up Rocks?

Yes, a rock picker is designed to remove rocks from the soil surface. It is majorly used in removing rocks from construction sites. But it can also be used to improve the quality of agricultural lands. 

Most of the rock pickers work when they’re towed behind other vehicles or a tractor. And they are designed to pick rocks between 2 inches and 20 inches in diameter.

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