How To Trim Peace Lily

How To Trim Peace Lily? 4 Easy-to-follow Steps

The peace lily is an excellent houseplant. NASA has proven that they can help purify the air around them and are easy to take care of. But, it may seem difficult if you’re new at it. So what do you do when the flowers and leaves begin to dry up and die?

Do peace lilies need pruning? Proper pruning is an important aspect of caring for peace lilies, and with the right techniques, it can promote new growth and improve the plant’s overall health and appearance. Read on to learn when and how to prune peace lily plants and how to trim peace lily? 

How To Trim Peace Lily?

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Pruning your peace lily helps your plant to flourish, remain healthy and maintain its lustrous foliage. What’s more, trimming keeps peace lilies fresh with green foliage by preventing pests and diseases. Pruning a peace lily involves cutting off old, flowering stalks right at the base since they will never flower again.

Yellowing leaves are also removed. By cutting back the peace lily stalks, the plant remains healthy and blooms frequently. In which way should a peace lily be pruned? Remove the old and yellowed leaves from the pots and leave the healthy growth in the center. In this way, pests and diseases will be prevented.

The spathe, which is a modified leaf, reverts to green color, wilts, and dies as the bloom duration nears and ends (usually about a month after the appearance of the spadix flower and spathe).

Therefore, to make the peace lily plant bloom again, you need to prune off the wilted bloom, as well as the stalk that surrounds it, using a sharp hand shear (many people recommend this Felco Classic Manual Hand Pruner).

How Do You Care For Your Trimmed Peace Lily?

After trimming your Peace Lily plant, the next thing is to ensure it grows healthily. But before then, make sure you apply fertilizer to the plant a month before trimming it. This will allow it to recover perfectly. Try as much as possible not to add too much water or fertilizer to the plant immediately after pruning it. 

In addition, keep the plant away from direct sunlight to prevent it from suffering from shock. Moreover, excess sunlight can prevent your Peace Lily from producing flowers. 

They do well where there’s partial light or shade. Also, don’t expose your Peace Lily to temperature fluctuations, as they’re usually more sensitive after trimming.  

Keep the soil moist, not underwater. While the plants do not like excess water, they can’t tolerate little water either. 

Is It Necessary To Prune Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies should be pruned to help them bloom more, stay healthy, and remain bushy with green foliage. In addition, you can prevent diseases and pests like mealybugs and yellowing by cutting back your peace lily.

Deadhead pruning is called because it only targets the spent spadix flowers and accompanying drooping spathes.

Deadheading is usually sufficient to facilitate re-blooming in other houseplant species, such as sage and Shasta daisies, but it will not help your peace lilies bloom again. Therefore, you should only deadhead your peace lilies for aesthetic reasons.

When Should I Cut My Peace Lily Back?

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You should prune your indoor peace lilies when the flowers fade and wilt or if they are taking up too much space. Dead flowers and leaves can usually be pruned off to reduce the space taken up by the plants. The foliage can also be cut back when it is yellowing and wilting.

If you want to prune the peace lily, you should wait until the bloom (spadix flower and spathe) has died out before proceeding with the cutting. The process usually takes about a month after the blossom appears.

Are Brown And Yellow Leaves On A Peace Lily Okay To Cut Off?

The answer is yes! Pruning off yellow/brown leaves from your peace lily won’t solve the underlying problem (yellowing is often caused by excess water or minerals in the soil on which your peace lily grows). Still, it will help restore its aesthetic appeal.

You’re suitable- yellow leaves inside your house will do nothing for your interior design! In addition, if browning begins at the tip of the leaves, leaf tip pruning helps protect the rest of the leaf from turning brown. 

What Is The Recommended Watering Schedule For Peace Lilies?

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Where you are located, the temperature there, and the size of the plant will determine the answer to this question. It’s imperative to water this plant every other day because it loves moisture. The soil will tell you when to water your plants if you pay attention to it.

If you touch the soil and feel dry, you should water the plant. You can wait a few more days to water it if it is still moist when you stick your finger in it. Plants should also be misted often in addition to being watered regularly.

As a result, the leaves will remain clean, insects will be kept at bay, and humidity levels will be regulated.

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Thus, how to trim peace lily? Peace lilies can be pruned in more than one place. The leaves can be yellow and become shriveled. There are several causes for this, including underwatering, too much light, or simply old age.

Cut away any leaves turning color or drying out at their base if they are turning color or drying out. Keep your shears disinfected between cuts to prevent the spread of disease. Pruning peace lilies only needs to be done once. The process is not complicated, and the plants will remain happy and healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to cut my peace lily back?

When the flowers fade and wilt, or if they have grown too big and occupy too much space, prune your indoor peace lilies. Dead flowers and leaves can usually be pruned off to reduce the amount of space occupied by plants. You can cut it back when the old plant foliage is yellowing and wilting.

How can peace lilies be kept blooming?

Make sure that the plant is placed in a low-light environment with no direct sunlight but with enough light that you can read a book. Do it gradually whenever you move a plant from a very dark room to a brighter one. A non-blooming peace lily could be spurred to bloom by simply having more candles of light.

Peace lilies can be cut in half, can you?

Several can be done by simply removing a small section from the outside or dividing the whole thing in half. Depending on the size of the root ball, splitting up the roots may prove challenging. However, you can probably pull the roots apart with your hands if your peace lily is still tiny.

Can You Trim Peace Lily Roots?

No, it is not advisable to prune the roots of your Peace Lily plants. However, you can go ahead with it if you are experienced. And if not, you can ask an expert in the field to help you with the process. Trimming the roots of your Peace Lily without experience can cause irreversible damage to it.

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