How To Plant Succulents In Glass Containers? Detailed Guide

Knowing how to plant succulents in glass containers adds a creative and aesthetic touch to your plant collection.

Succulents are the ideal low-maintenance plants to light up any indoor and outdoor setting. Also, there are several creative ways to display these plants and planting them in glass containers outranks them all.

Most people display succulents in stunning glass containers like mason jars and bowls. They are also given as gifts for just about any occasion. Low-care succulents are an excellent option for those who aspire to develop a green thumb. Don’t forget to water them every two weeks and keep them in a sunny spot. 

Additionally, you can display these plants in many creative ways, and our favorite is the glass Oui yogurt jars (the yogurt inside is also delicious!). They are recyclable and can store paper clips, nails, and screws.

When planting succulents in glass containers, it’s important to choose a well-draining soil mix and to avoid overwatering, as excess moisture can lead to root rot and other issues.

Read this article to learn how to plant succulents in glass containers. 

How To Plant Succulents In Glass Containers?

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We can all agree that succulents look great in bowls, terrariums, and glass containers. Succulents make great gifts, too. Glass containers have no drainage holes and are not porous, so keeping that in mind, you should manage how much water you use accordingly. You should never overwater them.

A succulent plant will likely come in a plastic pot when you purchase one. Transferring your little succulent into a more excellent pot or container might be a good idea. You can create a beautiful display of succulents in a glass container or terrarium if you have several small succulents. 

Glass jars, containers, or fish bowls are used to grow succulents. Succulents require little water as they thrive in dry soil and are relatively easy to care for. Several varieties of succulents are available to choose from, making them attractive houseplants.

To display your succulents, ensure that you have vases, bowls, and jars made of glass. Succulents need potting compost that’s suitable for them. Decorative materials, such as bark, stones, boulders, gravel, or stones, can also be collected. Nature can provide them, or you can easily purchase them. 

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Succulents Should Be Removed From Their Pots

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Check the soil’s moisture level in your succulent by gently removing it from the pot. The soil surrounding succulents’ roots can be prised away if it feels very wet around the roots. Stores and florists often overwater succulents.

If you do this, be very careful. If you want to grow succulents in glass containers, you may need to remove the soil altogether. Growing succulents in waterlogged soil are incredibly unhealthy. Check to see if the plant is healthy and remove any dead leaves. Handle the young succulents carefully as most varieties are delicate.

Fill The Glass Container Of Your Choice With Soil

If you have a drainage hole underneath the glass container, you can use regular soil, or if it does not have a hole to let water out, you can use high-quality soil. High-quality soils keep your succulents healthy without requiring much water, as well.

Furthermore, you can use either organic soil or homemade soil for the potting soil. Buying organic soil from a botanical store or garden is not difficult since they are readily available. Some succulent enthusiasts say organic soils are healthier and usually work better for succulents.

However, homemade potting soils are hard to come by. You can use a  half-cup of regular potting soil, a quarter cup of perlite, and a fourth cup of sand.

To determine which potting soil is best, you should plant different succulents in different soil types. Watch the succulent’s growth and hydration for a few days or a week, and then pick a potting soil that suits your needs.

Remember to fill your container only halfway with the soil of your choice at first, so you can place your succulent/s and then add more soil or decorative rocks later.

The Benefits of Using Glass Containers for Your Succulents

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You can reap several benefits by planting your succulents in glass containers.

  • Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, they look fantastic.
  • Since there are no drainage holes, your furniture won’t get stained with water or need saucers.

Choosing The Right Medium

Using the correct potting medium when planting succulents in glass containers is vital. If succulents are overwatered, they will die. As a result, you must use a medium that dries quickly and drains well. It’s not recommended to let succulent roots sit in water for longer than two days.

The grainy potting mix allows more airflow to quickly dry the mixture even though the water is not drained.

Most succulents are pretty happy in dry soil for two to three weeks. They do this because their fleshy leaves and roots store water when dry conditions. How should you select your mix? Let’s look at several options.

  • Consider purchasing a high-quality commercial succulent mix, such as that offered by Bonsai Jack.
  • Some succulent species can even be grown with just straight perlite.
  • Many people believe that doing so will improve drainage. It is merely due to water pooling at the bottom of the container. Your succulent roots will eventually rot as a result.


Now, you know how to plant succulents in glass containers? Water and sunlight are essential for succulents and a good quality fertilizer once a year. Planting succulents in glass containers can make them look stunning. Overcrowding may prevent your plants from growing. 

When it comes to water, nutrients, and sunlight, each species of succulents has different requirements. Make sure you do your research before purchasing the plants. Direct sunlight may be detrimental to some succulents.

Making a Mason jar arrangement, a vase, or a fishbowl can be a great housewarming or birthday gift. Kids enjoy making succulent displays, but this activity is best suited for older children since succulents have delicate roots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Succulents Grow Well In Glass Bowls?

Unglazed porous materials like concrete bowls or terra-cotta bowls work best for this purpose since they absorb a small amount of water. If you don’t overwater your succulents, you can plant them in a glass bowl just fine.

Can You Use Mason Jars To Grow Succulents?

Mason jars make the perfect planter for fun and quirky succulents. Many varieties, gem colors, and sizes of these drought-tolerant beauties. The low maintenance nature of succulents makes them ideal for almost anyone to maintain.

Is It Possible To Grow Plants In A Glass Jar?

Glass jars filled with water will support a wide variety of plants. Nevertheless, soil cannot be filled with them unless drainage holes; otherwise, roots will rot. The water you use to grow plants needs to be changed once a week to prevent the growth of water mold.

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