How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose?

How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose? 4 Helpful Tips!

Pressure washer gun simplifies many washing and watering jobs. It helps clean driveways, walkways, yards, bricks, and cars. You can create a beautiful garden by watering the plants, grass, flowers, using regulated pressure to suit the job.

Also, bathing your dog becomes a fun task when you have a pressure washer gun. It is the perfect equipment to play with kids as the water pressure is totally in your control. 

Whether you’re looking to tackle tough outdoor cleaning projects or simply want a fun and efficient way to water your plants and play with your kids, a pressure washer gun can be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Now the big question is, how to connect pressure washer gun to garden hose? You need to understand several factors before connecting the hose to a pressure washer gun. Once you know the details, you will be ready to connect and use it aptly.

How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose?

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A standard garden hose PSI ranges between 80 – 100. It is enough to handle the pressure from most water sources. However, a pressure washer requires higher water pressure rated hose of 500 – 600 PSI. 

You can use a garden hose, a pressure washer, and a pressure washer gun to remedy the pressure issue. Using a pressure washer is safe and effective in achieving optimal pressure.

Connecting a garden hose to a pressure washer

Pressure washers require an output rate of at least 3 gallons per minute from the water source. It means your water source should fill a minimum of a 3-gallon bucket in a minute. 

Measure the output rate of water by filling a 3-gallon bucket and note down the time. Repeat the process three more times with an average timing. If it takes less than 60 seconds to fill the bucket, your water source is suitable to connect to the pressure washer. 

Your GMP is ideal for between three gallons to five gallons per minute. When you connect a water source with low GMP, pressure washers are prone to damage. Connect the garden hose to the pressure washer inlet using a hose connector. Ensure no leaks are present and the hose is tangle-free.

Connecting Pressure hose to the pressure washer gun

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Few guns come with snap-fit connectors that lock instantly, providing a snug fit without leaks. Otherwise, they are the screw-on model that fits the adapter on your pressure hose. Either way, make sure you are using a compatible model as there are several types of connector ends.

Connect the other end of the pressure hose to the water outlet of the pressure washer. It completes the connection of the pressure washer gun to the garden hose. Now it’s time to check the working of the mechanism.

Test run the pressure washer connection

Connect the pressure washer to a power source and turn it on. Let the water flow into the pressure washer through the garden hose after turning on the water source. The water reaches the pressure washer and builds pressure to gush into the pressure hose.

When you press the pressure washer gun’s trigger, it shoots out the water at elevated pressure. This indicates the setup is working correctly. Test it by shooting at a designated area to check if it effectively removes the dirt.

Run the test for a few minutes by holding on to the trigger while checking for leakages. If there are no leaks and the pressure washer gun emits water with enough pressure, you have established the connection successfully.

Tips for effective usage of Pressure washers

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The below tips help you use the pressure washer to its fullest efficiency. Also, know more about different types of pressure washers in brief.

  • Check if the adapter settings on the spray end of your pressure washer gun nozzle are set to allow the water flow. Changing these settings will help you achieve the required pressure as these regulate the pressure or flow.
  • Even though the adapter connections at the ends of the hoses are of the same diameter, they might have a different shape or fit based on their model. Ensure leak-free connection, which is essential for the pressure to build up.
  • Consider gas-powered pressure washers for heavy-duty jobs that require pressure up to 3000 PSI.
  • Electric-powered washers can go up to 1300 to 1400 PSI, suitable for most home users.
  • Electric-powered washers are not only portable but are also safe to use on painted surfaces.


We hope this answers your questions about connecting the pressure washer gun to the garden hose. However, if you are still wondering about a few related issues, check out the FAQs section for the complete picture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Connect The Garden Hose To The Pressure Washer Gun Directly?

Yes, connecting the pressure washer gun directly to the garden hose is possible under certain circumstances. The garden hose should be rated to handle 500 – 600 PSI. 

Also, the pressure you derive from the pressure gun, in this case, is far less than what you get when connected to a pressure washer. The hose should always be in proper condition to maintain the pressure safely. 

You need to thoroughly inspect the entire hose for faults as it can burst if it has a weak spot. 

How Is A Pressure Washer Gun Different From A Typical Hose?

When using a pressure washer gun, cleaning tasks are completed effectively with less effort. It enhances your accessibility to reach tricky spots easily. It makes your working experience enjoyable. The quick elimination of dirt saves you a lot of time.

Cleaning mildew and dirt from the exterior siding will be a breeze.

You can brighten the greasy driveways or walkways made of cement. Pressure washing the landscape stones not only cleans them quickly but is also effortless. Washing wooden decking stains on furniture, vehicles, or garbage bins becomes way more manageable.

Why Is It Essential To Use A Pressure Washer To Connect The Pressure Washer Gun To The Garden Hose?

The standard garden hose is cheaper to cover the length from the water source to the pressure washer. It is safer to use the pressure washer as pressure regulation begins shortly after fixing.

The hose from the pressure washer to the pressure washer gun is short and easy to maintain. Precise water pressure regulation helps you achieve the optimal pressure necessary to complete the task on hand.

Can You Connect Two Pressure Washer Hoses?

Yes. Connecting two pressure hoses together as long as you have a quick connect kit is possible. Also, acquire a hose that aligns with your pressure washer and, importantly, you must ensure the quick connect is compatible with your hose.

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