How To Clear Land Of Small Trees And Brush

How To Clear Land of Small Trees and Brush (4 Important Steps!)

Maintaining your property on an acreage or homestead entails more than just mowing it regularly. Read on to learn more on how to clear land of small trees and brush.

Every edge of your property may appear overgrown with trees, brush, and stubborn weeds. You can control the development and keep your property in good shape with a bit of upkeep and manual exertion.

You won’t have to clear away trees and brush more than once or twice a year. As a result, you probably won’t want to invest in new equipment that you will just use for this one task. Instead, you can use your existing small agricultural equipment and a few hand tools to complete the task.

How To Clear Land of Small Trees and Brush

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Before you can do any landscaping or building work, you’ll need to clear an area of land of tiny trees and undergrowth. You’ll need to clear away any prickly vegetation, old logs, small trees, and stumps before you can build a patio, a campfire, or a shed on the plot of ground.

You’d be better off hiring a professional with an excavator or bulldozing equipment to remove vast tracts of highly wooded terrain. At the same time, you can clear the ground yourself with some basic tools and some elbow grease for smaller jobs.

The correct equipment for clearing small trees and bushes will vary depending on the size of the project. Suppose you only need to cut down a few saplings. In that case, essential hand tools will suffice, but anything more significant than that will profit significantly from using the appropriate power equipment.

Before you clear land of tiny trees and bushes, it’s also a good idea to establish a basic plan. You should have a general notion of which trees need to be cut down, which you wish to keep or a transplant, and what you want to do with the trimmings and brush heaps afterward.

Equipment varies depending on the size of the land. For small land, hand tools are used, and machines tools are used for vast lands.

  • Hand Tools for small areas
  • Equipment for clearing extensive lands
  • Steps involved in clearing the land of small trees and brush

#1 Hand Tools For Clearing Small Trees And Brush

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Money is measured in terms of time. However, there are instances when you have far more time than money to buy various tools. Setting aside a weekend or two to deal with the brush is considerably more manageable. These hand tools can help you cut through overgrowth if you have the time to spend.

Hand tools are listed below:

  • Axes and Hatchets
  • Chainsaw
  • Brush Grubber
  • Spade
  • Pruning Tools

#2 Equipments For Clearing Large Lands

Manpower is outclassed by horsepower. You may be more likely to invest in land-clearing equipment if you own a large piece of land or have a new property that has been neglected for years due to brush maintenance.

Specialized attachments for small farm equipment you already own can save you days of back-breaking labor and make managing your huge property easier.

Equipment used for clearing large lands are listed below:

  1. Root Grapple
  2. Rotary Cutter

#3 Steps Involved In Clearing Land Of Small Trees And Brush

The steps to clear the land of small trees and brush are mentioned below.

Inspect The Land 

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Surveying the region and constructing a basic design are the initial steps in clearing the property. Take a walk around the property, noting which trees, saplings, and brush should be removed. Mark these spots with brightly colored tape or ribbon so you can readily find them afterward.

Keep track of any trees or plants you intend to keep or transplant. Use a different colored tape or string to identify these.

It’s a good idea to make a mental note of any potential risks or very giant or challenging trees that may necessitate special equipment at this point. It’s also a good idea to verify your local rules on land clearing to see whether you’ll require a permit.

Plan Brush Disposal

You may be able to dispose of your brush and trimmings with your local yard trimming collection, depending on the extent of your clearing project.

Burning the brush and branches and passing them through a wood chipper to generate mulch are viable solutions. Cutting down downed trees and seedlings into smaller pieces can also make fuel and kindling. If you’re going to cut up a lot of firewood, a storage rack is a fantastic option.

Collect The Required Tools

Depending on the size of the land, gather the hand tools or machinery.

Cut Small Trees, Shrubs, And Pruned Branches

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It’s time to tackle the larger bushes and trees after you’ve cleared the majority of the smaller brush and plants. You should now have enough room to take down smaller trees and clip huge branches without getting them stuck in the foliage.

Even skilled loggers can be critically injured or killed in this situation because trapped trees can collapse unexpectedly and cause severe damage or kill them.

Remove Shrubs

After the trees have been removed, the following step is to remove any shrubs that are mid-to-large in size. Some roots may be removed by hand, while others require a shovel. To make pulling out a shrub easier, cut down some smaller branches or pieces.

Clear The Undergrowth Trees

It’s time to get down to business once the heavier items have been eliminated. Tallgrass, weeds, trim bushes, and vines remain in the way, so get your weed trimmer, scythe, machete, and tree pruner out and get to work.

You’re on your way to achieving your goal! It’s time to get your rake out and clear the brush. Remember that the brush will need to be disposed of, so construct heaps with your disposal option in mind, whether it’s a compost pile weekly trash pickup dumpster.

Wrapping Up

It can be challenging to figure out how to clear your land of small trees and shrubs at first. However, assessing your property and determining what needs to be done will guide the rest.

For example, the size of the area to be cleared will determine what equipment is required. Safety comes paramount while completing this endeavor by hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Clear An Acre Of Land?

The length of time it takes to clear a 1-acre lot is determined by the professional you employ and the equipment they utilize. Clearing land takes two to four hours on average.

What is it called to clear an area of trees? 

The collective term for clearing an area of trees is clearcutting, clear felling or clearcut logging. The practice is common in forestry and logging whereby many trees in an area are uniformly cut down.

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