How Many Potatoes Does One Plant Produce

How Many Potatoes Does One Plant Produce

The market is filled with different varieties of potatoes. Some are bigger, and some are small. Some are brighter in color, while some are darker. But how many potatoes does one plant produce? Well, it depends on the type of plant. 

Growing your own potatoes can be a rewarding experience, and understanding the factors that influence growth and yield can help you get the most out of your harvest.

Not just the type of plant but the type of soil also influences the growth of potatoes. So, before growing potatoes, you must do detailed research on different types of soil to know which has the highest yielding capacity. 

Also, you must follow the correct steps that can make the potato growing process easy for you. 

How Many Potatoes Does One Plant Produce?

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Growing potatoes and taking care of the plant might sound easy, but it’s more tricky than you realize. Why are we saying so? That’s because growing potatoes not just require knowledge but it also needs dedication and patience. 

While growing potatoes, if they are exposed to sunlight, it can turn their skin green, making them poisonous. This situation can take place in three ways. 

Firstly, when the potatoes are not fully covered by soil during harvesting. Secondly, when the potatoes aren’t stored in complete darkness after harvest. And lastly, when potatoes are left in the sun for too long after harvest. 

How many potatoes does one plant produce? Well, if you are properly growing them, you can expect somewhere around five to ten potatoes per plant. Among these, there will be around three to six bigger potatoes, and the remaining will be smaller. 

One of the best things about harvesting potatoes is that you can grow them again by using last year’s crop. But these potatoes will be comparatively smaller and inferior. 

Although growing potatoes is an art, it can quickly get overwhelming if potatoes don’t get enough nutrients and moisture. In this case, the potatoes yield can decrease, resulting in the growth of fewer potatoes. 

But don’t worry because you can follow the below-mentioned steps to maximize the yield of potatoes. 

This quick post shows how you can grow potatoes. 

Increasing Yield

If you want to increase the number of potatoes per plant, you should plant them in hilly areas. In such an atmosphere, the plant stem gets the right kind of support, which further maximizes potato yield. 

If you can’t grow the potatoes on the hill, you can form a hill-like planting atmosphere in your backyard. For this, you are required to draw up the soil on each side for supporting the stem. Make sure that only a few inches of plant growth are exposed. 

Lastly, water the plant properly. This way, you can produce more tasty potatoes. 


Besides creating a hill-like atmosphere, you should also check the temperature. That’s because, ideally, potatoes grow under a temperature of 40-45 °F. If the temperature is more, it can lead to sprouting. And if potatoes have more sprouting, their quality will decrease. 

On the other hand, if potatoes are stored at a lower temperature, they can turn dark, which is not ideal for eating. So, in this case, if you ask how many potatoes does one plant produce? The answer is none because, in any extreme condition, the harvested potatoes are not edible. 


Another thing that can ruin the quality of potatoes is improper ventilation. If ventilation is not proper, potatoes can get attacked by fungi and bacteria. That’s why it’s always recommended to store potatoes in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated place. 

Enough Space

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If you don’t give enough space for potato plantations, you will have to harvest small potatoes. That’s because potatoes are a root crop. And in a compact space, roots cannot grow as much as they should. This further decreases the size of potatoes. 

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How many potatoes does one plant produce? The simple answer to this question is around ten. Among the produced potatoes, half are big, and the remaining half are small potatoes. 

Also, make sure that you are growing potatoes in a large area because, in a compact space, you cannot harvest big potatoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow potatoes from store-bought potatoes?

Actually, you can grow potatoes from store brought potatoes. But, for this, you must put the potatoes inside the ground and water them properly. 

One thing that you must remember is that store-bought potatoes cannot produce bigger and healthy tubers. So, during the entire production time, you must closely monitor the plant and protect it from any issues. 

Store-bought potatoes do not grow into healthy plants, and they are more likely to get attacked by bacteria and fungi. 

What happens if you don’t dig up potatoes on time? 

If you don’t dig the potatoes on time, they can turn black, and the plant might die after a couple of days. In case if the soil is wet, the plant and potatoes will rot. 

But if you live in a hot climatic condition, the potatoes that are not damaged by winter and water might grow again. 

Can I cut the top of potato plants?

You can definitely cut the top of potato plants, but only after the potatoes are ready to harvest. If you cut the top of the plant before, the potatoes won’t have enough foliage, which will result in limited nutrients.

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