How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water

How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water? 3 Amazing Discoveries

Succulents are famous for their drought-resistant features and low watering needs. However, having the facts on how long succulents can go without water will go a long way in ensuring your plant thrives

Succulents and cacti can go for long periods without water, standard information among succulent enthusiasts. They can live in conditions where most plants would perish. 

Understanding the basics of succulent maintenance and care, such as the proper balance of light, soil, and temperature, is key to helping your succulents stay healthy and hydrated during long periods without water.

So, how long can succulents go without water? Well, that relies on several different aspects, but first and foremost, it’s essential to understand how succulents can survive such long periods of dryness. 

If you have succulents, you’ve probably observed that they don’t need to be watered as often as other plants. How long, though, can succulents endure without water? And how can you determine if you’re giving your succulents too much or too little water?

How Long Can Succulents Go Without Water?

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Any succulent enthusiast knows that succulents can go without water for considerably more time than the usual houseplant. How do they do it, though? On the other hand, Succulents have adapted to their arid habitats and have become experts at staying hydrated during periods of drought.

Succulents significantly absorb water faster than other plant species. Water evaporates quickly and rarely penetrates deep into the soil in the desert regions where most succulents thrive. 

Many succulent species have vast root systems that extend out just below the surface rather than growing deep into the soil to absorb as much water as possible when the opportunity arises. The plants will still be able to absorb the water this way.

Succulents will absorb the water and store it in an incredible storage system. In all the plant tissues, stomata are responsible for water plants. The succulents are provided with few stomata, which minimizes the water loss. 

Another advantage for succulents is their fleshy leaves are used for water storage, and the reduction in the surface area reduces the water loss. Succulents will adapt to this arid environment by growing toxic sap in their surroundings. 

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate for “how long succulents can go without water.”. On average, your succulent plant can survive without water for weeks and even months, depending on its type. Several variables influence a succulent’s drought resistance. Those variables will influence “how long your succulents can survive without water?”

Factors Affecting The Succulents Survival 

To identify how long the succulents can survive without water depending on the species and its growth based on climate variations.

  • Type of species – Succulents are available in various species; stems and leaves that are great in thickness will survive longer. Succulents of thin leaves will leave for about 1 to 2 months. 

Species of type Graptopetalum or Crassula can survive for more than 6 months. Species of type Lithops need water once or twice a year.

  • Climatic condition – The survival time of succulents varies based on the temperature change. Moisture loss will be more in summer than in cold climatic conditions.
  • Location – Succulents surviving indoors needs less quantity of water, whereas the succulents outdoor needs more water 

How Often Should The Succulents Be Watered?

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It is impossible to find the appropriate answer on how often the succulents should be watered. It depends on the type of succulents, species, and climatic conditions.  Approximately every 7 to 10 days, the succulents should be watered. 

In the summer season, water the succulents very frequently, and it is most important to monitor the moisture level in the soil regularly. If you notice that the soil where the succulents are planted is dried out, regularly monitor the moisture level. 

Better soil moisture observations are done by inserting the figure up to 1 or 2 inches in the soil or using a soil moisture meter.

What Happens If We Overwater The Succulents?

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Root rot is one of the most severe consequences of overwatering your succulents. Overwatering is the most common cause of root rot, while various factors can cause it. 

Simply said, if your succulent’s roots aren’t allowed to dry out between waterings, they will begin to deteriorate. Remember that succulents adapt to dry climates and live in desert environments; therefore, the swampy environment of an overwatered pot will cause issues. 

Succulent roots require oxygen to survive, so they won’t be able to breathe even if they don’t decay. Anyhow, overwatering the succulents will not damage the plant’s health for a few days.

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Succulents can thrive in the wild in various situations, including living without water for lengthy periods. However, if you desire to retain and propagate these plants, you must first understand how much water your succulents require to thrive. 

This article clearly describes the dependent factors on how long succulents can go without water. For any queries or assistance, reach us in the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Plan Watering  Succulents While On Vacation?

Give your plants a pleasant shower in your bathroom if you don’t have access to a hose. Because many houseplants don’t fare well in cold water, make sure to use moderate to warm water. Remember that succulents don’t require much water to begin with, and will most likely thrive in your absence.

You can also water your succulents with the help of a bucket during vacation. For instance, fill a bucket with water and keep it above your plants to water them using your bucket. Inside the bucket of water, tie a string.

What Are Tips For Growing Outdoor Succulents?

On the other hand, Succulents can be saturated by heavy rains when they’re outside. As a result, using pots with drainage holes is critical. Terra cotta pots are good because they naturally wick moisture away from the soil. You should pot succulents in light and excellent soil mix with excellent drainage properties.

1. Determine how much sunlight these plants need
2. Check the frost tolerance of the succulents
3. Sempervivums and stonecrop Sedums are preferred to grow outdoors.

What are Tips For Growing Indoor Succulents?

1. Select the plants which tolerate less light
2. Haworthias and Gasterias grows well in indoor
3. Pick the succulents that are naturally green in color
4. Water the plant according to the season
5. Frequently rotate the pot
6. Fix drainage to the pot for excess water

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