How to Get Bermuda Grass to Spread- 8 Effective Tips

How to Get Bermuda Grass to Spread

Bermuda grass is a sturdy grass that has a good temperature tolerance and quick recuperation speed. Its natural attributes make it an excellent choice for lawns and yards, but did you know that there are different ways you can help spread your Bermuda grass to spread? However, Bermuda grass can be quite invasive and requires … Read more

My Yard is Always Wet and Muddy (Reasons and 7 Quick Fixes)

My Yard Is Always Wet And Muddy

A yard that is constantly wet and muddy can be a frustrating and unsightly problem for homeowners. If you are concerned about my yard is always wet and muddy, you aren’t the only one battling this menace. Poor drainage is usually seen in a yard that is always damp and muddy. Waterlogging the soil can … Read more

How To Remove Rocks From The Yard (Detailed Guide!)

How To Remove Rocks From The Yard

Rocks add a rustic kind of aesthetic look to your yard. Also, with rocks, you don’t have to use mulch and they can offer support to growing plants. The problem arises where there are too many rocks, making it necessary to eliminate them. Removing rocks can be a tedious and back-breaking task, but it’s worth … Read more

How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach (5 Easy Steps!)

How To Cut Tree Limbs That Are Too High To Reach

How to cut tree limbs that are too high to reach is a top searched query. Trees are resourceful and fun until they grow enormous and it’s paramount to trim them. Every individual is currently planting trees. It is essential for maintaining a pollution-free, eco-friendly environment and also protects the ozone layer from depletion. The … Read more

Does Fescue Grass Turn Brown In Winter? 5 Important Things to Know!

Does Fescue Grass Turn Brown In Winter

One of the reasons many homeowners love fescue grass is that they are easy to maintain and also drought-tolerant. Moreover, the grass’ green color creates an attractive environment for sporting activities. It’s not uncommon to see brightly-colored lawns gradually changing to brown during the winter months. But does fescue grass turn brown in winter? Fescue … Read more

How To Cut High Branches? 4 Safely Proven Methods!

How To Cut High Branches?

Knowing how to cut high branches is crucial to ensuring your yard or garden is aesthetically pleasing and safe. It also improves tree health and gives it a clean appearance. Do you have experience trimming tree branches by yourself? You know how difficult it can be to reach high branches, especially if the trees are … Read more

St. Augustine Grass Turning Yellow – 4 Main Reasons & Solutions

St. Augustine Grass Turning Yellow

Tropical St. Augustine grass is native to Mexico, Central and South America, and the south-eastern United States. While its lush, dark green appearance and relatively low maintenance make for a beautiful and easy-to-care-for lawn, some homeowners may find their St. Augustine grass turning yellow. St. Augustine grass turning yellow can be due to fungal disease … Read more

How Long After Planting Grass Seed Can You Walk On It?   

How Long After Planting Grass Seed Can You Walk On It

Few things are as frustrating as a homeowner has watching patches of brown pop up all over your lawn. We all want thick, full, luscious green lawns with the healthiest grass possible – but that never happens by accident. You have to be pretty deliberate when it comes to lawn care if you want the … Read more

Ringer Lawn Restore vs. Milorganite: 4 Differences and The Better Choice!

Ringer Lawn Restore vs. Milorganite

One of the most effective ways to maintain your lawn is by applying the best fertilizer to it. Since there are lots of products in the market today, you’ll need to do some comparing. So it’s understandable if you decide to compare Ringer Lawn Restore vs. Milorganite. Not only are these two fertilizers popular, but … Read more