Can I Use Succulent Soil For Other Plants

Can I Use Succulent Soil For Other Plants? Find Out The Secret

Succulent plants, such as cactus and aloe, are popular indoor plants that require little care. They are easy to maintain while still providing the health and stress-reducing benefits of other plants. However, Can I use succulent soil for other plants? 

Succulent soils can be helpful for other plants, but before using this kind of soil, it’s vital to know how succulents vary from other kinds of plants.

Succulent soil is mixed to provide the indoor plants with the same conditions they would naturally grow in. Succulent soil is different from the regular potting soil. It is much lighter, sandier, and does not retain water as the regular potting soil does. 

Below we will learn more about succulent soil, the differences between the two soils, and if you can use succulent soil when planting other plants. 

What is Succulent Soil?

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Succulent soil is a popular potting mix used for growing indoor succulents and cactus in pots. Succulent plants are grown in low water and drought areas.

Succulent soil is designed to replicate the soil conditions of their natural habitat. It is designed to have less water retention and more drainage. The lightweight soil promotes air circulation to the roots of the plant. 

Below is a list of some of the materials found in succulent soil. 

1. Perlite Or Pumice

These are the main materials found in succulent soil. It promotes drainage and absorbs the moisture in the mixture. Pumice will not decompose over time unlike the rest of the soil mixture. It also aids in circulating air through the soil.  

2. Coarse sand

Sand is added to the succulent soil to promote drainage and lessen the water retention of the soil. 

3. Pebbles

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Pebbles also help with drainage and air circulation through the soil. 

4. Volcanic Rock

Volcanic rock can be used in addition to or in place of the pebbles as they both serve the same functions. 

5. Compost

Compost is added to the succulent soil to provide the required nutrients and support the growth of microbes.

6. Peat 

Peat will help with temporary water retention and allow the plants to absorb the water they need.

What Soil do Regular Plants Use?

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The soil used on regular plants will differ based on each different type of plant. The soil texture will be determined by the amount of drainage the plant requires. The amounts of sand, clay, and slit in the soil will determine how well the soil will retain water. 

The sand in the soil aids in air circulation and drainage of the soil. Some plants can thrive in sandy soil conditions. The clay in the soil can hold water in the soil for an extended period. Finally, the slits contain many nutrients and can remain damp for long periods.

In some plants, the drainage of the soil will play a key factor in preventing root rot. In other plants drainage isn’t an issue, they would require nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, you can not use the same soil for indoor plants and outdoor plants. Indoor plants will require more drainage than their indoor counterparts. 

Differences Between Succulent Soil and Regular Soil

The main difference between succulent soil and regular soil is the drainage ability. Succulents are grown in dry and sandy areas. Too much moisture in the soil is the main cause of death in indoor succulent plants. They also require nutrient-rich soil to be able to grow and thrive. 

Tropical plants like wet soil. They grow on nutrient-rich soil that can retain moisture for a long period. Tropical plants are more dependent on nutrient-rich soil, so drainage is not an issue with their soil. Moisture-rich soil can be an issue in some indoor settings and it can promote pest infestations. 

Succulent also needs soil that promotes aeration which allows oxygen to the root of the plant. The high presence of rocks and soil and lower organic material will provide the best aeration for the plants.

On the contrary, the highly packed nutrients and organic matter in regular soil keep it densely packed. This cuts down on the air circulation these plants can receive. 

Can I Use Succulent Soil For Other Plants?

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A succulent soil can be an improvement in drainage and aeration of all potted plants. They will lower the chances for fungal infections and help the roots grow stronger.

Succulent soil does not retain enough water, so if it is used in other plants you may need to add regular potting soil to make the soil dense and richer in nutrients.

Using succulent soil as a starter and adding other solid and organic materials to fit the needs of each species of plant would be beneficial to the plants. Plants such as orchids and jade plants would benefit from the drainage abilities of the succulent soil.  

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Succulent soil is lightweight soil made to recreate the low water environments of succulent plants. It promotes airflow and does not retain water. 

Succulent soil would be a good additive to the regular soil in other plants. It will help with circulation and improve drainage. You will need to mix it with regular potting soil to provide the nutrients and water retention the other plants need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mix succulent soil with regular soil?

Succulents are low-water plants and their succulent soil is designed to replicate these conditions. Their potting soil can be mixed with regular soil to increase air circulation and drainage when used in potted plants. 

Can succulent soil be used for roses?

Succulent soil is not good soil to grow roses in. It does not provide the roses with the nutrients they need. Roses need a general-purpose potting mix to help retain the moisture they will need to survive. 

How often do you water succulents?

Succulents do not require a lot of water. They should be watered every other week during warmer weather and only once a month in the colder winter months when they are dormant. Overwatering is the main cause of death for indoor succulent plants. 

Can orchid soil be used for other plants?

Orchid potting mix can be used for other plants such as African violets, tree ferns, and tropical plants. You can also use orchid bark as mulch for other plants.

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