Can I Use Cactus Soil For Peace Lily? 3 Important Considerations

Cactus soil mix is a top consideration for many gardeners because of its proper drainage and aeration. As a result many individuals wonder can I use cactus soil for peace lily plant?

Peace lilies are the most beneficial and low-maintenance house plants you can get. So, you won’t have to maintain it regularly, and on top of that, it will help purify your house. So, it’s a win-win situation. 

Peace lilies, as their name says, are not actually lilies. But since lilies and peace lilies are from the same Araceae family, and the flowers also resemble Calla lily, they are called so.

Moreover, since its petals look like a white flag, it has its first name, ‘Peace.’ These flowers can be found in numerous shapes and sizes in different regions. Most of its variations serve as floor plants. 

But, since you are here, we assume you already know a lot about peace lilies, so let’s move on to the main topic. Are you too wondering, “can I use cactus soil for peace lilies?“, well, then you are not alone.

Many gardeners are curious about which soil to use for planting peace lilies. So, read this article till the end to get your answer. 

Can I Use Cactus Soil For Peace Lily?

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Peace lilies can easily grow in a wild and open environment with soil containing little moisture and good root development. In fact, peace lilies grow the best in light and loose soil. 

Cactus soil can be used for peace lilies for many good reasons. It can provide all the good conditions mentioned above to the peace lily for its healthy growth. Cactus soil has good drainage and aeration, facilitating healthy root development.

Furthermore, cactus soil contains mixed soil additives that will aid peace lily growth in the same way as it does in the wild. Now you might ask, why Can I use cactus soil for peace lily? So, we have listed a few more points on why cactus soil mix is the perfect fit for a peace lily.

  • Cactus soil is a perfect blending of important organic components that provide nutrients like phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, etc. In fact, this is best for all plants which need loose soil for growth. This soil also successfully supplies food to arid plants for the long term since they release nutrients slowly. 
  • Cactus soil is highly sterilized, and no additional sterilization is needed for your houseplant. 
  • Cactus soil mix has other beneficial features like good perviousness, good drainage and rhizome breathability. This ensures rhizome rot and helps in reducing stagnant water from the soil.

Potting Mix for Peace Lily

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Now since you know that cactus soil is the best to grow peace lily, it’s time to move forward to know what is a potting mix and from where to get them. Potting mix is a mixture of soil with proper ingredients to support good plant growth even at regular room temperature. 

You can buy a potting mix from the nearby store or make it yourself. While buying it from a store, you must check its label and ingredients to know if the required nutrients are present in it or not. For example, for Peace lily, you must consider the mix which contains peat moss, Perlite, vermiculite, and coir (bulking agent). 

Another secret to know before buying pot mix for peace lily is checking for fertilizers. If the potting mix has a lot of fertilizers, avoid it. Peace lily does not require many fertilizers to grow. Therefore, you must add fertilizers separately after potting them if you want to add fertilizers. 

If you want to make the potting mix at home, you can make it using simple ingredients. Here are a few steps to make a potting mix of your own.

  • Take a pot that has drainage holes in it. 
  • Use brick chips up to 1  inch to cover the pot’s base. It will provide good drainage for the water. 
  • Take all the soil ingredients you want in your pot, mix them in a tank, and transfer them to the pot. 
  • The last step will be to check the drainage holes in the pot. And your potting mix is ready to be used. 

If you want details about how to take care of peace lilies after they have been potted, you can read a detailed article on it. 


You can easily plant a peace lily if  you are a beginner. You do not have to be a professional gardener to plant your peace lily. With little effort and love, your peace lily can nurture beautifully. So, now that you know, how can I use cactus soil for a peace lily, prepare your own soil mix, and get started. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Cactus Soil For Houseplants?

Cactus soil can be used for house plants unless you have customized it as per the requirement of the plant. You can use cactus soil and other nutrients to make your own soil mix for best results. 

How Do You Make Peace Lily Potting Mix?

As mentioned earlier in the article, if you want to make peace lily potting mix, use nutrients such as peat moss, Perlite, and texture material like cactus mix or orchid mix to give it a lightweight and well drainage as needed by peace lily. 

What Can I Use Cactus Soil For?

Cactus soil is best for any arid plant because of its lightweight, water pertaining capacity, and well drainage system. 

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