Bird Of Paradise Leaves Curling And Turning Brown

Bird Of Paradise Leaves Curling And Turning Brown (Here’s How To Instantly Fix It)

Bird of paradise flowers are well-known for their vibrant color and iconic shapes, but what happens when bird of paradise leaves are curling and turning brown? Knowing the natural environment of your Bird of Paradise is always the first step toward providing it with the right care that will prevent unattractive curling, splitting, yellowing, and browning leaves.

When the leaves on a bird of paradise flower curl and turn brown, that means it needs water. The leaves are showing you that they’re unhealthy by curling, and the color is due to a lack of moisture. To prevent this from happening, keep your flower healthy and water it regularly. 

The rest of this article will cover the reasons for bird of paradise leaves curling and turning brown and how to take care of them.

Bird Of Paradise Leaves Curling And Turning Brown

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Bird of paradise flowers bloom through September to May, making those months the best times to purchase them. However, they require lots of attention to make sure they don’t have curling or browning leaves. There are several factors that go into this process.

First, there’s the watering schedule. Watering your flowers should be your top priority as it is one of their most important needs. Without water, your plant will wither and die. Lack of water is one of the primary causes of bird of paradise leaves curling and turning brown.

Next, there’s sunlight. Sunlight is often overlooked, but it’s just as important as water. Just like water, sunlight is a cause of browning and curling. If you don’t give your flower exposure to sunlight, then the leaves will begin to curl and turn brown.

Misting is a practice gardeners use to manipulate the humidity of the space they keep their flowers in. It’s a simple and easy to perform technique that can provide hydration to your plants while also applying moisture directly to the flower(s).

Lastly, temperature is a huge factor in how a plant lives. Sunlight impacts temperature, but so does the room you choose to keep your mini garden in. Make sure that when you’re setting up your haven, you keep it at a temperature that compliments the bird of paradise flowers.

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1. Watering Schedule

The best way to stop the leaves from curling and turning brown is to stop it before it starts. Setting a watering schedule is how you alleviate this issue. You have to set up your flowers in a spot that’s easy for you to see. The easier to see, the easier it is for you to notice them.

The easier to notice them, the easier to see their leaves curling. However, that’s a last case scenario if your flower ever gets to that stage. Before that, you should water your flowers every 1-2 weeks.

Although this may seem like too long a period to wait, you don’t want to give them too much water and overwhelm them. This will kill your flower, so you should give them spaced out waterings to prevent curling leaves and browning.

2. Sunlight

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Another essential to taking care of plants is knowing what type of sunlight they need, and how much. Like most flowers, bird of paradise flowers need sunlight. However, this is very easy. Simply leave your flower in an area where it will get the most light without getting too hot.

3. Misting

A less thought about method of care for flowers is misting. Misting is a way for you to get moisture directly on your plants. By using a spray bottle, you can spray a little mist of water toward the flowers. From there, the water gets on the leaves and keeps them healthy.

You can change the humidity your flowers feel by misting them. Like with watering, you shouldn’t do this as often as you think. Stick to the same schedule as watering, that way you won’t overwhelm your flowers with too much water, but you’ll also give them proper humidity.

4. Temperature

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Lastly, temperature is imperative to a flower’s survival. The temperature impacts everything, including the watering schedule. The drier the flower gets, the more water it’ll need. That’s why you need to choose the right temperature that won’t under or overheat the flower.

The best way to keep your flower healthy is to place it away from any cold drafts or vents. It doesn’t do well in cold temperatures, which is why you should place it where it’s going to be warm. Don’t let the temperature drop too low, otherwise the plant will suffer.

The temperature will vary based on the time of day. If it’s daytime, you should make sure the temp doesn’t drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if it’s night, you should make sure the temp doesn’t drop below 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit. 


If your bird of paradise flower has curling leaves and is turning brown, that means it’s dehydrated and needs water. However, do not overwater your flower, otherwise that’ll kill the plant. You need to stay on a schedule and water it every 1-2 weeks.

There’s other responsibilities as well, such as: giving your flowers sunlight, misting them, and maintaining a stable temperature. You should keep a close eye on your flowers to make sure they aren’t dehydrated. Check their soil and feel how dry it is.

The general standard is that you shouldn’t let the soil dry up by 50%. If you let it dry out more than that, then the plant is at risk of dying. All of these symptoms are what happens when bird of paradise leaves are curling and turning brown

Frequently Asked Questions

When taking care of nature, there are plenty of questions you may have about them. Here are those questions and their answers.

How To Plant Bird Of Paradise?

To plant a bird of paradise flower, you need to first consider all of its needs and determine the best room in your home that will accommodate them. From there, you should get a pot or pots for them to stay in, and soil that is fertile and fertilized.

For better results, you should make sure the top of the root has a bit of exposure. Don’t expose the entire root, but show enough that you can see it. This may sound strange, but this actually encourages growth for the flower.

Should I Prune My Bird Of Paradise?

You absolutely should prune your bird of paradise flower. You should do this when your plants are growing a lot. This time is during the spring or summer because the amount of sunlight they’re getting is increasing. Make sure to prune your flower when you see it growing more.

However, be careful not to prune too much. When pruning, don’t go below the growing point. In fact, you should always stay above it. If you go too far, you’re making it more susceptible to things like diseases, deformation, and pests.

The reason why you prune is to cut off any fungi that are on the leaves, making pruning a useful practice.

How To Encourage Growth?

For one, exposing the top of the roots is a great way to encourage growth. Another, less thought of way is to put the plant in a new pot. As your flower grows, the roots may outgrow the pot. So, during the spring, be sure to repot the flower in a larger container.

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